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The Difference Between Virgin And Mink Brazilian Hair

The advancements in the hair and weaves industry has opened up a lot of opportunities for people who wants to have longer hair with more body. Today, we are faced with many different options when it comes to buying hair and the word “Virgin” is often seen alongside the different choices of hair that we can choose from. One word that is not so popular is “Mink”, but it is still mentioned a lot and can be seen on many websites of popular brands. There is a very good chance that you will see this word being mentioned somewhere while shopping for weaves. If you have been wearing weave hair for some time now, then you’ve probably already seen this word mentioned before.

In this post, we’d like to provide more details on what exactly “Mink” Brazilian hair is and how it defers from “Virgin” Brazilian hair. We would also like to discuss the fact that by defining hair as “Mink” Brazilian hair doesn’t necessarily mean that the hair is not “Virgin”; thus a connection between the two also exists that we would like to discuss.

What Is Mink Brazilian Hair

When you want to learn what exactly “Mink Brazilian Hair” is, you should note that this term refers to “Mink” hair and “Brazilian” hair, two terms that can also be used separately as some other hair textures can also be purchased as “Mink”. Brazilian hair is one of the most popular choices among people who wear weaves. It is considered to be the perfect choice if a person is looking for a weave that will last them a very long time, help them create unique hairstyles, but without costing too much money.

mink brazilian hair

Lux Weave explains that Mink hair is different from pure “Virgin” hair due to the fact that “Virgin” hair is usually created from a single donor’s hair, whereas Mink hair can be made from the hair of different donors. They do, however, also explain that the texture that Mink hair has is often considered better than the texture of simple “Virgin” hair. Mink hair is known to be heavy, as well as thick, which means this type of hair will last for an extended period of time, but only if the wearer takes good care of the hair and avoid using too many products that could cause harm to the hair. Lux Weave also explains that Mink Brazilian hair is often promoted at a cheaper price than “Virgin” Mink Brazilian hair.

Another positive attribute that buyers get from buying a “Mink” Brazilian weave or set of hair extensions is the fact that the hair is usually very soft, they look luxurious and they do not become frizzy as fast and easily as many of the other hair types that are also available on the market.

Mink Brazilian Hair

We also mentioned that “Mink” and “Virgin” can used together and that buying a “Mink” weave doesn’t mean it is not “Virgin”. This is because “Virgin” hair are often used to describe hair that has not been previously processed with any type of chemicals. This type of hair has also not been steam processed to maintain curls or waves. Thus, you can buy hair that is “Mink” and “Virgin” at the same time


While shopping for weaves on the internet, you may be prompted to choose between “Mink” and “Virgin” Brazilian hair. Knowing the difference between the different hair types that are available, as how these hair pieces are manufactured, will help you make a more informed decision so that you can achieve your desired styles without any complications.


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