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The Best Way To Dye A Weave

People wear weaves for different reasons, with the most popular reasons being to add more volume or length to hair, or covering up hair that is falling out too fast. Weaves offer a lot of conveniences and buying a high-quality weave means you can treat it like your natural hair – which means you can use styling products on it, as well as tools like a heat iron and blow dryer. Another way that weaves offer convenience is the fact that they can be dyed. A person may dye their weave so that it matches the color of their natural hair, or they may dye the weave as a way of achieving a creative hair style. In this guide, we’ll detail the most appropriate steps to take if you want to dye your own weave.


Before you start dying your weave, it is important to ensure you have all of the tools and equipment needed for the job. You don’t want to start the process and learn that you still need something halfway through the process. Perfect Looks report that you will need hair dye, latex gloves and a developer to thoroughly color hair without any problems. Apart from these basic requirements, you should also add some protection to the area where you will be dying your weave. This could be in the form of plastic bags or newspapers laid on the floor and on top of any valuable objects that are near the location where you will be conducting the process from.


dying hairOnce you have bought all of the necessary products and laid out a layer of protection on all objects that are in range of the area where you will be dying your weave, then it is time to prepare for the dying process. If you have treated your hair with any products, such as a leave-in conditioner or a hairspray, then you will first need to wash your hair with a cleansing shampoo to remove any product buildup. This will also help to remove any dandruff, dirt and sebum that may have accumulated on your weave hair. After washing your weave, let it air dry as using a blow dryer is not recommended due to the damage it can cause your weave hair. You might have to allow the weave hair to air dry during the night and continue the process in the morning.


The Dying Process

dye hairNow that you have collected all the necessary items and tools, as well as made the appropriate preparations for the dying process, it is time to proceed. The first step is to prepare your color mixture and to put the latex gloves on your hands. This is important to protect your hands from becoming stained from the color mixture.

It is now time to apply the dye to your weave hair. Longing4Length recommends sectioning the weave hair into four parts as this would make the job easier and faster. Squeeze small amounts of dye onto the hair and then work the dye into all parts of the weave hair. Once you have applied dye to the entire weave, cover it in foil and leave the dye on the weave hair for approximately 15 to 30 minutes. Finally, rinse the dye out of your weave hair and use a shampoo to cleanse it properly, then allow the weave to air dry once again.


By dying a weave, you can achieve any color – including the more creative and vibrant colors. Following the correct procedure, however, is vital as the wrong products or method may lead to excessive damage and a waste of a valuable weave. We recommend following the steps we’ve outlined in this post to dye your hair without causing damage or leading to disappointment.


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