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Smelly Weave? Here’s How To Get Rid Of The Smell

While wearing a weave has a great deal of benefits for the wearer, including the possibility of achieving almost any kind of hairstyle, there are some negative factors that a person need to take into account when they opt for a weave. One of the most awful facts that people experience when they wear weaves is the fact that the hair that is attached to a weave often starts to smell. The smell is sometimes mild and can be hidden easily, but, in some cases, weave hair can expel a repulsive smell that completely outweighs the benefits that the person can gain from wearing the weave hair. Fortunately, there are ways and products to prevent the smells and even to get rid of the smell if it already exists.

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Why Does My Hair Smell?

We should look at why hair smell in the first place before discussing the possible ways to prevent the smell and to get rid of existing smells. Virgin Review explains that sweat, sebum, dirt and product buildup accumulates on weave hair all the time. When the particles that accumulate on the weave are not washed off, it can start to expel an unpleasant smell. This, however, isn’t the worse type of smell that weave hair can expel. When the hair isn’t washed for a considerable amount of time, then bacteria can start to form due to the particulates that have been accumulating over time. This can cause weave hair to expel a musty smell, which is even worse and can be rather difficult to get rid of. The musty smell often develops due to an excessive amount of moisture, as well as product buildup and dandruff.

How To Get Rid Of The Smell?

best hair relaxerThe best option would always be to prevent the smell. The best way to prevent weave hair from smelling starts with your shopping journey – synthetic and low-quality weaves are known to develop smells much faster than higher-quality weaves that are made from real and unprocessed human hair.

If the smell already exists, then you will need to take a few extra steps to get rid of it. Your weave hair will require a proper wash, which should be done with a natural shampoo that has been developed for weave hair specifically. There are many products that you can choose from, but try to choose something that is appropriate for the type of hair your weave is made of. Ensure you wash the weave properly, including in between the strands. You should also use a conditioner on the hair. When you rinse the shampoo and conditioner off your weave hair, ensure you rinse until the water runs clear as you want to avoid further product buildup from occurring. After washing and conditioning, use a hair dryer at its lowest heat setting and dry your weave hair. Even though this is often not recommended, a hair dryer will completely dry the hair and avoid excess moisture from causing a smell again.

Using an anti-bacterial spray that has been developed specifically for weaves is also a good idea. Such a product should be used once per day while a weave smells as it will destroy the bacteria that has formed on the weave hair.  


A weave allows you to easily add more length to your hair and is often used by people whose natural hair does not have enough volume to achieve their desired style. Unfortunately, weaves often start to smell and can quickly take away the confidence that the person gained from the hairstyle they achieved. If your weave is smelling bad, then simply follow the steps we’ve outlined in this post to get rid of the smell and to prevent the smell from returning in the future.



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