Queen Virgin Remy Hair Offers Quality Products At Cheap Prices, But Should You Really Trust This Brand?

Weave hair and extensions are a multi-billion dollar industry as millions of people wear weaves every day. People wear weaves for different reasons. Some people have little hair and do not feel confident without a full head. Other people like the fact that a weave adds more length to their hair. Whatever the reason is you wear weaves, you have most likely bought from many different companies in the past. In your journey, you’ve found that some companies do stock hair that lasts long, but many companies also manufacture hair that easily wears out and you quickly find yourself in need of a new set of extensions. If you have bought from Queen Virgin Remy before, then there is a good chance that you have had a disappointing experience.

Queen Virgin Remy has a reputation for being one of the cheapest companies that manufacturer hair extensions on the internet. The brand has grown popular among the people who can only afford to purchase cheap weaves, but, the problem is, their weaves seem to lose its “natural” look rather quickly. Many also speculate that Queen Virgin Remy sources their hair from India, then processes the hair with numerous chemicals and sells the hair as “Brazilian” and other types.

Queen Virgin Remy Range

If you buy hair online, then landing on Queen Virgin Remy’s homepage might be somewhat confusing. They have a very basic website and the homepage has no products or vital information, apart from a few banners, a low-quality logo and a copyright disclaimer. According to the banners that are displayed on the website’s homepage, the company has 10 different options to choose from:

  • Malaysian Curly
  • Brazilian Straight
  • Brazilian Loose Wave
  • Indian Remy
  • Mongolian Kinky Straight
  • Virgin Indian
  • Russian Blonde
  • Malaysian Body Wave
  • Eurasian Body Wave
  • Peruvian Deep Wave

When browsing their shop, you will find that Queen Virgin Remy does have quite a large selection of products available. One of the first things you’ll also notice is the fact that the hair that is sold by this company is considerably cheaper than other companies. For example, a set of virgin Brazilian hair only costs $55, but some companies charge as much as $200 or more for a single set of Brazilian human hair. If you opt for Indian hair, the price is even cheaper – an 18-inch hair extension is priced at $37. They do have more expensive products available, such as a 3-part lace closure at $90 and their blonde frontal closures at $150 per piece.

What Does Customers Say About Queen Virgin Remy

As with any brand or company, it is wise to take a look at what past customers say about the product or services offered by a specific company prior to buying from them. The overall view on Queen Virgin Remy seems to be negative. For example, one of their stores in Georgia has an average rating of 2.5 stars (out of five stars). Many customers complain that the hair has split ends and that they quickly start to shed. Customers also report that the products cannot be styled as the hair is prone to damage and does not hold a style.


Buying weaves should be an exciting experience, but with many companies delivering poor quality hair that is not worth the price, the experience has turned from an exciting one to a cautious one. Queen Virgin Remy hair seems to be one of the many stores that takes advantage of the fact that millions of people are looking for cheap hair extensions. The majority of users that have reviewed this company find that their products are not worth the price and do not last long.

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