Porsha Williams Is Changing The Hair Industry

Porsha Williams, a star on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, has launched her very own range of luxurious hair extensions, but it seems like this is only the beginning for this star. The star who seems to be doing pretty well for herself, having bought a brand new mansion in Atlanta, is planning a range of upcoming launches to add to her business empire. Porsha is considered an icon by many people, and Naked Hair, her own collection of virgin hair extensions, seems to be doing very well, especially amongst her personal fans and the fans of the show stars in.


Who Exactly Is Porsha Williams?

You may have heard the name “Porsha Williams” or you may have seen her, but you probably don't know enough about this icon. Well, let’s clear that up for you. Porsha Williams is one of the stars on a show called The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. The show has been developed in the same light as many of the other “housewife” series, and it has gained a lot of popularity and great viewership in the past few years, This, however, is not the only extend to Porsha’s portfolio of achievements.

Apart from her part on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Porsha is further extending her career in the entertainment industry, but she’ also focusing on her business skills. She recently acquired a position as an entertainment news correspondent on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show. The show is broadcasted on Dish Nation. Also, Porsha is often involved with a large variety of charity organizations.

In addition to all that, Porsha launched a line of exclusive, luxurious and high-quality extensions and weaves that are now worn by thousands. Since it is so hard to find a trustworthy brand that produces weaves on the internet, many people have turned towards Porsha’s Go Naked Hair to find a weave that they are confident in, and that they can buy without having to worry about receiving a poor quality product. Porsha is, after all, trying to build a good reputation for herself, so she would not provide people with subpar hair. She would rather be offering value to live up to her name and help her gain more grounds in the business world.


Go Naked Hair

Go Naked Hair was started quite recently, so the brand is still not as widely known as some of the other brands out there. Still, Porsha was able to use her existing authority and fame to push the business out to the public, and to make it gain ground rather quickly. Since the business is still quite new, the variety of products available is also quite limited – but this actually has an advantage for the customer. Many brands manufacture hundreds to thousands of different weaves, which makes it more difficult to choose an appropriate product. By limiting the options to only a few different high-quality weaves, Porsha’s customers are provided with a shorter list of exquisite, luxurious weaves that they would want to wear. Her current selection of weaves include:

  • Peruvian straight hair extensions and closures
  • Peruvian loose curl hair extensions
  • Peruvian curly hair extensions
  • Brazilian body wave hair extensions and closures


Porsha Williams is surely making her way into the world of weaves and professional hair products, just as she did in the world of entertainment. She has recently launched Go Naked Hair, and she claims that this is only the beginning of her business empire. The star reports that she is planning on expanding her hair extensions company very soon, and that she also has many other plans up her sleeve, including an upcoming mobile app that fans should look out for.

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