Silk Closures From Mayvenn Hair Gives You The Most Natural Look Possible


A closure often forms an important part of a weave installation, offering a type of “top up” for the woman’s look after they have completed the process of installing the weave. Closures come in different types – women are often able to choose between the color of the hair, the style of the hair and, of course, the hair origin. One particular choice that women find hard to make is the material type used as the closure’s base. The two primary options that most brands offer includes silk and lace. In this post, we want to discuss the differences between these two and explore the options Mayvenn Hair has when choosing a silk closure.

Lace Closure

lace brazilian straightAs the name suggests, a lace closure’s base is made of a material known as lace. With these closures, a customer is often required to cut the lace according to their preferences and bleaching of the tiny hair strands that are usually found at the tip of the closure is sometimes required. A lace closure is more affordable than a silk closure and, with some effort from the woman’s side, it can offer them a natural look.

Silk Closure

silk brazilian loose waveThe other option that are provided to women when choosing the material type for the base of their closure is silk. Silk is a softer material than lace and often the preferred material type when a woman has a little extra to spend on their closure. A silk closure looks more natural than a lace closure and no additional bleaching or coloring is required to make such a closure blend with a woman’s natural hair – assuming they have chosen a closure that matches the weaves they have installed. Silk closures are, however, somewhat more expensive than lace closures – usually priced around $80 higher than a lace closure.

Mayvenn Silk Closure

Brazilian Kinky Straight Silk ClosureAs we have noted, silk closures are often worth it when a woman has some extra money they can spend on their weave installation – after they have purchased the weave bundles. When a woman wants to buy a silk closure from Mayvenn Hair, they should first decide on the type of hair they would like to buy. The type of hair should match the hair type that their weave has been purchased in. This could include a straight, kinky straight or yaki straight type, as well as a curly or one of the many wavy options that Mayvenn Hair offers.

Once decided, the customer can browse through various options for buying a closure. They can primarily choose the origin of the hair that should be used in the closure – this particular option should also ideally match the hair origin of the weave. The primary options offered by Mayvenn Hair when deciding what type of closure to buy includes Brazilian hair, Indian hair and Peruvian hair.

These closures can be purchased in two primary colors from Mayvenn hair, but not all hair origins come in both colors. When opting for a Brazilian or Peruvian closure, a woman can only opt for a natural black color. The brand’s Indian closures do come in a blonde color as well.


Silk closures may be more expensive than lace closures, but this particular option offers an effortless way to complete the look with the installation of a weave. Silk closures are more natural looking and they do not require much effort to make them blend in with a woman’s skin or hair. Mayvenn Hair offers various options when it comes to silk closures, and they offer some of the most affordable silk closure options on the market.