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Shop Lace Closures At Affordable Rates From Mayvenn Hair

After a weave has been installed, many women notice that there are some locations on the top of their head where the installation can be noticed. This may be unpleasant since the goal of a weave installation is ultimately to provide the woman with a natural look – people should not be able to see that the woman has a weave installed into her natural hair. To cover up this area and to “top off” the look, a closure can be used. Closures also offer the added benefit of protecting natural hair strands at the top of the head.

How A Closure Is Installed

A closure should only be installed after a weave has been successfully installed. Unice explains that a closure can be installed to the top of the head, or to the side of the weave, and helps to create a natural look when installed correctly. They also explain closures are not invasive and does not cause damage to a person’s natural hair, but rather adds an additional layer of protection.

The first steps to installing a closure are to cut the lace so that it fits the natural hairline. This is done by placing the closure on top of the head and lining it up with the person’s hairline. Excess closure is then cut off and the closure is then set in place with the use of hair clips. After this process has been completed, the sew in of the closure can be started. It is important not to cut the lace off too close to a woman’s natural hairline, as this can result in an unnatural look.

Mayvenn Hair Closures

mayvenn lace silk closuresWhen it comes to buying a closure, people are often uncertain about which brand they should choose. Mayvenn Hair is one of the more popular brands on the internet and offers a diverse selection of closures to choose from. The company only specializes in products that are made from real human hair that has not gone through any chemical processes prior to the production of the weave or hair piece.

While buying a closure at Mayvenn Hair, the customer can choose from many different customization options to ensure the hair piece they purchase is appropriate for them, and perfectly blends with the weave they have chosen to install prior to the closure.

silk brazilian straightOne of the most important options that the woman can choose from while buying a closure at Mayvenn Hair is the type of material that is used as the base of the closure. The two options that are presented to the customer includes a lace base and a silk base. The lace base is the most affordable option. A silk base closure usually adds around $80 to the customer’s order.

Choosing between a lace and silk closure can be hard for women who are not experienced in this particular industry. The recommended option, however, is usually lace. This is because there is not a significant difference between a silk and a lace closure. Some women may mention that they do see a difference and that a silk base closure looks more natural, but with just a little effort, a lace closure can be customized to also have a natural look.


A closure is a hair piece that has helped many women complete the look when installing a weave, but also has additional benefits such as the fact that it protects the natural hair strands at the top of the head. Closures are often necessary to reduce the signs of a weave installation, and can also help to further increase volume. Mayvenn Hair offers a variety of closures to choose from, and all of their closures are produced from real virgin human hair.