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Buying Wholesale From Mayvenn Hair: Step-By-Step

Selling hair products like weaves, frontals, closures and all other related products have become a lucrative business opportunity in modern times, but many people who wish to enter this particular industry are still uncertain about where or how they should start. Being able to directly sell such products is especially important for a hair stylist, particularly if they wish to be seen as professional, but it can be quite tricky to find a trusted brand to trust with all of these above-mentioned products.

Can You Buy Wholesale From Mayvenn Hair?

mayvenn hair bundlesThe answer to this particular question is somewhat complicated. It is important to note that Mayvenn Hair is not a wholesaler like those you can find on platforms such as Aliexpress, but rather an official brand that specializes in the manufacturing of weaves and closely related items. The brand has a good reputation amongst both customers and hair stylist, and does not directly provide a wholesale services to companies that are looking to sell hair products in a local store. They do, however, offer a program that has been specially prepared for hair stylists looking to utilize Mayvenn hair products in their salon and on their clients.

The Mayvenn Hair “Become A Mayvenn Stylist” Program

This leads us to the introduction of the Mayvenn Stylist program, a special program that has been developed especially for hairstylists who wish to start buying products for their customers from Mayvenn Hair. Signing up is quite easy and does not require any startup fees; thus making the program available even to the startup hair stylist who is still dreaming of operating their own official hair salon.

To set up an account and apply to become a “Mayvenn Stylist”, an interested individual can simply visit the appropriate page on Mayvenn Hair’s website and fill out a short form. They simply need to provide Mayvenn Hair with their first name, last name, mobile phone number, email address and provide the best time for a Mayvenn consultant to phone them.

After completing this process, one of the Mayvenn Hair consultants will give the interested individual a call to discuss the program with them. Should they be interested after the call, the consultant will then hook them up with their own unique shop directly on Mayvenn Hair’s domain – this will include a subdomain on the primary domain of the brand.

According to the Become a Mayvenn Stylist program, they have signed up more than 60,000 professionals in the hair styling industry and the average person earns $2,000 or more every single month – without ever making any out-of-pocket investments from their side.

Furthermore, we should note that Mayvenn Hair offers incredible value to any hair stylist by offering a 30-day guarantee on all the products a stylist may buy from them – or, in particular, the stylist’s clients. Should the stylist find that a client is not happy with a product purchased from Mayvenn Hair, the product can be returned for a refund.


mayvenn logoWhile Mayvenn Hair does not offer the same wholesale experience as the numerous brands found on Aliexpress and similar platforms, they do offer a rewarding program that has been created with professional hair stylists in mind. The program is free-to-join and offers numerous benefits that will help hair stylists rise in the hair styling industry as a trusted and reputable choice.