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Mayvenn Hair offers Malaysian Body Wave That Could Last You Longer Than A Year

The installation of a weave can be expensive – in many cases, a woman may have to settle for a budget or discount bundle of hair if they wish to install a weave. For this reason, women are often concerned about the lifespan of a weave, especially when they decide to consider a weave an investment and buy a more expensive option. Unfortunately, some weaves do not last long – specifically the budget options. When a weave starts to wear out and the hair starts to fall out, a woman may have to start looking for a new weave. This can most definitely be inconvenient when the woman is unable to afford buying another weave shortly after their first purchase.

mayvenn logoFor this reason, it is always important to consider the quality of hair that a weave is made of before buying the product. When buying hair on the internet, this choice becomes especially difficult as you are unable to inspect the hair prior to your purchase. Fortunately, there are some brands that have built a reputation for themselves as trustworthy when it comes to supplying customers with hair that will look good and last for a long time. In this post, we are taking a look at the Malaysian body wave option from Mayvenn Hair, a perfect example of a branded product that offers an extended lifespan.

Mayvenn Hair Malaysian Body Wave

The reason we want to use the Malaysian body wave option from Mayvenn Hair in our article today is because this is one of the brand’s most popular products. We also chose Mayvenn Hair because this brand is known to provide customers with high-quality hair products that lasts long. In fact, some of their clients are able to get a full year – many times even longer – when they buy weaves and other hair pieces from the brand.

malaysian body weaveThe Malaysian body wave weaves from Mayvenn Hair can only be purchased in natural black color, but, due to the durability of these weaves, the customer can choose to color the hair according to their requirements after their purchase. The hair comes in different length options. A 10-inch weave is the default option, but the weaves are available in lengths up to 28 inches.

The key to making these weaves as long as possible is to take proper care of them. Even though they are high-quality weaves and made from 100% virgin human hair, not taking care of a quality weave can still lead to a dirt and oil buildup, as well as shedding and other problems.

brushing hair extensionsEbony recommends combing gently through weave hair and to avoid pulling too much, as this can cause shedding. They also recommend washing the hair of the weave with special shampoo that has been created especially for weave hair – those with a nozzle at the end seem to work best. Furthermore, opting for a shampoo that does not contain sulfates will also help to preserve the quality of the hair. When drying the hair, it is important to make sure all hair is dry – even your natural hair that is found underneath the weave. When hair is not properly dried, mold can develop and ruin the weave.


The Malaysian body wave weave option offered by Mayvenn Hair does not only offer good looking hair, but also hair that will last the customer an extended period of time. With proper care, a woman can wear this weave for over a year without experiencing a significant amount of shedding or tangling. Here we explored this particular option, as well as explained how a woman can take care of the weave to maintain its quality and make it last as long as possible.