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The Ultimate Guide To Weave Maintenance


We live in a time where most people are surviving from one check to the next one, stretching every penny in their bank account to meet the financial demands of life and getting by until the next pay check arrives. Even though we have to save money wherever we can, it is still important to spend some money on ourselves to make sure we look good when we go out to an important business meeting, getting ready for date night or simply planning to hang out with some friends. Amongst women, many items that are involved in their beauty regimen can cost a lot of money – with weave hair not only being one of the most important, but also one of the more pricey items on a woman’s shopping list in many cases.

brazilian real virgin hairA weave is the perfect accessory to add to a woman’s beauty, offering her the ability to instantly achieve virtually any hairstyle she desires – whether the hairstyle she wishes to achieve is longer than her natural hair length, thicker or even more voluminous, the installation of a weave offers an endless amount of opportunities for a woman and the hairstyles they enjoy wearing.

The Cost Of A Weave

Even though a weave is great to have, these pieces of hair tend to cost quite a large sum of money. Many women buy their weaves for as much as $100 or more per piece, and a full head installation most certainly requires more than just one bundle of weave hair. There is also the addition of a frontal or closure, which most women prefers in the modern day to ensure the weave installation looks natural. Turning to a more affordable brand that still brings about the best quality of hair on the market like Mayvenn Hair might save a woman some money, but this most certainly does not mean a weave installation comes cheap at all.

Proper Weave Maintenance

When buying a weave, it is always important to know how to take care of the item before you actually start using it. Some weaves tend to last longer than others, this is a definite fact, so even with proper care, it is important not to expect too much from a weave that didn’t cost enough to be high-quality.

Shampooing HairVibe explains that women should never forget that shampooing is very important for their weaves. By shampooing a weave, you remove any dirt and oil that has built up during the wear. Unwashed, a weave may start to smell unpleasant – even to those around you. Shampooing too much, on the other hand, is not good either. Thus, a weekly or bi-weekly shampooing schedule would do for your weave.

In addition to shampooing at least bi-weekly, adding a conditioner to a weave is also as important as this will help the weave hair retain moisture and prevent the weave from tangling and become difficult to manage. When choosing a conditioner, always opt for a natural product that does not contain sulfates as this particular type of ingredient can cause problems to develop and lead to numerous problems with the weave.  


Weaves can cost a lot and they can quickly wear out if a woman does not take good care of them. With proper maintenance, however, a weave’s lifespan can be upheld and the weave can often last a woman for over a year. When a higher quality weave is purchased, proper care often ensures a lifespan of over two years. In this article, we offered women excellent tips on how they can take proper care of their weave and maintain it for a very long time – without having to worry about shedding or thinning hair that may not only ruin their look, but also waste their money.