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Why Buy Your Brazilian Straight Bundles From Mayvenn Hair?

Even though weaves are often associated with women of an African American origin, since they often account for the majority of weave wearers, it is important to know that anyone can wear a weave – there are even some men who have also installed weaves. Weaves can be worn for a variety of reason, such as to protect a person’s natural hair, or to add length and volume while a person is waiting for their natural hair to grow longer and thicker. No matter the reason, weaves are convenient hair pieces that have given many people the ability to create a new look for themselves with minimal effort.

silk brazilian straightWeaves are available in many different options. When buying a weave, a person is able to select the origin of the hair, which often includes Peruvian, Brazilian, Malaysian and Indian – other choices exist too. They are also able to select the style of hair they wish to purchase, the color of the hair and other options. These options are made available to the consumer so that they can buy weaves that will help them achieve that perfect look they are striving toward. Today, however, we do not want to focus on the many different options there are available, but rather turn our focus to one particular type of hair – and this is Brazilian straight hair.

The Advantages Of Brazilian Straight Hair

Let’s start by looking at the advantages that Brazilian straight hair can offer a person. Firstly, it is important to note that both Brazilian and straight hair are individually available in many different options, so we should perhaps look at these two as separate options when considering the benefits they may offer.

brazilian straightBrazilian hair is known to be a heavy-duty type of hair. This means this hair can be treated just like a person usually treats their natural hair. They can be styled using styling tools – a curling iron, a straightening iron or even a hairdryer can be used on these weaves. Styling products can also be used on them without worrying about too much damage. Brazilian hair is also thick and has a lot of volume – this does not only mean the hair will look beautiful, but also means the hair will act as a protective layer a person’s natural hair.

Straight hair also has a lot of its own benefits. For example, there is no need to worry about straightening the hair when a person is feeling like wearing their hair sleek for the day. With curly hair, the hair tends to bounce back to its curly form after a while when it is straightened. Straight hair can be curled at the user’s preference and then washed to quickly release the curls.

Mayvenn Hair Brazilian Straight

brazilian straight bundleMayvenn Hair offers single bundles of Brazilian straight hair at prices starting from as little as $55. This is more affordable than most other companies that specializes in weaves. This amount will get a customer a natural black colored Mayvenn Hair Brazilian straight hair bundle that is 10 inches in length. The customer can, however, upgrade the length. The length can be upgraded all the way up to 28 inches, which will cost the customer $139 per single hair bundle.


Amongst all of the options a person is presented with when they would like to buy a weave, Brazilian straight hair is one of the top choices that can be made. This type of hair offers an elegant style, as well as durability and the ultimate level of flexibility when it comes to styling the hair in different ways. Mayvenn Hair has a selection of Brazilian straight hair bundles available, which can be used on different types of natural hair textures.