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Buy Three And Save With Bundled Hair Deals From Mayvenn Hair


Bundle hair offers are becoming increasingly popular amongst the population who prefers to wear weaves. These offers give the general population access to affordable weaves, frontals and closures that can help them achieve virtually any look they desire. There is, however, a particular problem that women tend to find when they opt for hair bundles – that is the fact that most brands that manufacture offer such bundles tend to use the lowest quality hair they have in stock when compiling bundled deals. This means that, even though the buyer is able to afford buying more than one bundle and often also an extra frontal or closure, they would have to sacrifice the quality of the hair they are buying.

Mayvenn Bundle Deals

Mayvenn Hair has been operating for several years now and have gained the trust and respect of thousands. The brand is not only used by average consumers, but also by quite a large number of professional hair stylist. Their products offer the customer and the hair stylist confidence in knowing that each weave purchased from the brand is of high quality, has not gone through any unnecessary chemical processing and is in a 100% virgin state; thus ensuring the customer is able to process the hair on their side according to their particular requirements.

mayvenn hair bundlesTo offer an overview of how much a customer is able to save when opting for a bundle deal instead of separately purchased weave bundles, let’s consider the two most popular bundle deals offered by Mayvenn Hair at the moment – both including some of their latest additions to the variety of hairstyles they offer.

First up is a bundle of their new water wave weaves. These weaves offer a flexible and stylish wavy style without being too curly. It is perfect for those flirty looks and the hair is extremely easy to style. A bundle with three 14-inch water wave weaves costs $156. Bought separately, these bundles will cost a customer $69 each. Thus, in total, buying the three weave bundles included in this deal offer will lead to a total cost of $207. By opting for a bundle instead, the customer is saving $51. This is quite a large saving when compared to bundled hair deals offered by some of the competing brands on the internet, especially if you consider the fact that the exact same weaves are provided in Mayvenn bundle deals than what can be found separately on their website.

Another excellent example is their yaki straight weave bundled deal, which offers three of their recently introduced yaki straight weave hair sets. These hair are perfect for those looking for a style that blends perfectly with freshly relaxed hair or hair that is often straightened using irons and other specialized styling tools. Similar to the structure of the water wave bundle, the yaki straight bundle includes three sets of 14-inch yaki straight weave sets. The total price is also $156. Separately, these hair pieces also costs $69 each; thus calculating to a total of $207 and a saving of $51.  


With Mayvenn Hair, gaining access to affordable weaves are as easy as clicking the “add to cart” bundle, especially with their range of bundle deals that offer the buyer a collection of weaves in one set. This saves a considerable amount of money and does not require the buyer to settle for low quality hair. Mayvenn might not offer the widest selection of bundled offers, but the quality and pricing of these bundled offers certainly makes up for their limited selection.