Brazilian Hair Extensions

Straight, Yaki Straight And Kinky Straight – Mayvenn Offers Multiple Options For Buying Straight Hair Weaves

While a weave that features curly or a wavy style is great for certain people and, of course, for some occasions, it is important to consider the fact that these hair types tend to retain their shape – even when straightened, they usually “bounce back” to their original shape quickly – especially when they become wet. For some people, this is a convenience, but for others, it can be unpleasant to have hair that continuously curling when they are opting for a straight hairstyle. This is why a straight hair bundle is an excellent option for women who would like a weave that will be able to offer them maximum flexibility and options when it comes to styling the weave.

Brazilian Straight Hair Bundles From Mayvenn Hair

mayvenn hair bundlesWhen customers are looking for high-quality weaves, they often turn toward Mayvenn Hair to gain access to quality products that will offer them durability at a low price. This brand is one of the most affordable brands to offer real virgin human hair to the general public, and they are trusted by thousands of customers and also by quite a large number of hair stylists.

Mayvenn Hair has three options to choose from when a customer wants to buy a Brazilian straight hair weave from them. Each option is adequate for a different group of customers, and the pros and cons of each particular option should be considered when buying these bundles of hair from Mayvenn Hair. By choosing the right option, a woman will be able to get the perfect bundle of hair to blend with their natural hair.

Straight Brazilian Hair

brazilian straightFirstly, the brand offers a standard “straight” option for Brazilian hair bundles. This option features the traditional straight hair that people are used to buying. The bundles start at $55 per single bundle of hair, and only comes in one color option, which is natural black. Customers can choose the length of each weave they purchase. The length options start at 10 inches, which costs $55 per bundle of hair, up to 26 inches, which costs $129 per bundle.

Kinky Brazilian Straight

The Kinky Brazilian straight option is quickly becoming a popular choice at Mayvenn Hair, offering 100% human hair and the ability to perfectly match the texture of the woman’s natural hair. The texture of the Kinky Brazilian straight weaves from Mayvenn Hair tends to resemble the texture of natural hair that has been blown out. These bundles are a little more expensive than the standard straight Brazilian hair bundles from the brand. Their prices start at $69 for a 12-inch weave. Customers can upgrade the length of the hair up to 28 inches, which will cost the customer $149 per bundle.

Yaki Brazilian Straight

Mayvenn Hair’s latest addition to their range of straight hair bundles is their Yaki Brazilian straight weaves. This option has been developed to blend in with natural hair that has recently been relaxed or pressed straightened. These bundles start at $64 for a 12-inch weave. The length of the weave can be upgraded to 22 inches, which will cost the customer $89 per single bundle.


kinky straight hairBuying straight hair bundles from Mayvenn Hair is an excellent option for women who wishes to have hair that will offer them flexibility when it comes to styling options, and the ability to quickly straighten out their hair when they want to without risking their hair springing back to a curly or wavy style. The brand has three options to choose from when buying straight hair bundles from them, and offers their Brazilian bundles at affordable prices.