Luxy Hair Making Their Way Up In The Clip-In Hair Extensions Industry

Long hair is a dream of many women, but the slow rate at which hair naturally grows make it rather difficult to achieve long and luscious hair. This is why a lot of women turn towards alternative options to achieve longer hair and a better look. These options may include a multivitamin and a series of hair care products that promises to help hair grow faster, but even the best product on the market cannot make hair grow long overnight. It takes a lot of time and a lot of patience for hair to achieve a proper length that can be used for styling. There is also the option of installing a weave, but the process can be time-consuming and some women find that the process of removing a weave, especially those that are glued to their natural hair, leads to severe damage to their natural hair.

What Does Luxy Hair Offer?

Luxy hair has a range of products that perfectly fits in with the natural hair of every individual client that buys from them. The company has fine hair, medium hair and thick hair options available. Each option has several customizations that can be chosen. Their color options include:

  • Jet Black
  • Off-Black
  • Mocha Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Chestnut Brown
  • Dirty Blonde
  • Bleach Blonde
  • Ash Blonde
  • Vibrant Auburn
  • Strawberry Blonde

After selecting the color of choice, the customer can review their order details and add their selection to the shopping cart. The default length of the extensions offered by Luxy Hair is 20 inches. The company also recently launched two new features:

  1. Ombre hair extensions, which includes hair that consists of two beautiful colors. At the moment, the company only has two color variants, including ombre blonde and ombre chestnut. They are available in 120g, 160g and 220g.
  2. Longer hair extensions, measuring at 24 inches in length. The company only offers 24-inch hair extensions in three colors at the moment, including ombre blonde, vibrant auburn and strawberry blonde.

To proof how their products can improve the look of any person, Luxy Hair has a “before and after” section on their website. This section holds pictures of real people that have purchased and used clip-in extensions from the company. It is an excellent way to see how Luxy Hair may be able to help you achieve certain looks and to see how other people are using the extensions sold by this company.

Are Customers Satisfied With Luxy Hair?

It is important to consult different review platforms to determine how satisfied customers are with the products of any company, including Luxy Hair. We did some research and found that people seem to be very happy with the clip-in hair extensions they bought from Luxy Hair. As an example, on Trust Pilot, Luxy Hair’s website has a 9.1 (out of 10.0) average rating, with over 290 existing reviews. Many people state that they highly recommend Luxy Hair and that they have had absolutely no problems while using the extensions manufactured by this company. Among all of the reviews, it seems like their 20-inch extensions are extremely popular, with blonde being one of the preferred colors.


Products that stimulate hair growth still requires a lot of time to work effectively and installing weaves can lead to damage. Luxy Hair has taken these factors into consideration and came up with a solution – being clip-in hair extensions. The company offers high-quality extensions that can be installed without any glue or wefting, and all of their products are offered at affordable prices so that any person who wishes to have longer hair can finally achieve their dream hairstyles without having to reach too deep into their wallet.