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Shop Bundle Deals And Save At Kendra’s Boutique

woman biting its hairWeaves have become an everyday fashion item for women all over the world. Many women now depend on a good weave, or a wig, to help them feel more confident about how they appear in public. While weaves have become more affordable in the modern-day, the price tags of top-quality weave hair can still be out-of-reach for many women who wish to walk out their door with a beautiful, confident hairstyle. There are, however, some tips and tricks that can be utilized to make the purchase of a weave more affordable to the average individual who wishes to use these fashion items to create a different hairstyle. Whether you want to add more length to your natural hair with the use of a weave, or want an entirely new hairstyle, opting for bundle deals from Kendra's Boutique may be the perfect option for you.

Bundle Deals From Kendra’s Boutique

Weave hair bundles are often purchased separately, which can be quite expensive since most women find that they require multiple bundles to achieve a complete installation and to ensure they achieve a natural look. Opting for a bundle deal instead has numerous benefits, with the fact that the price is usually much lower as compared to buying the hair pieces separately being the most important benefit. Kendra’s Boutique offers a flexible range of bundle deals that provide customers an opportunity to save a significant amount of money when they wish to install a weave in their natural hair, regardless of the purpose.

hair weave bundlesOne particular factor that you will notice when looking at the bundle deals offered by Kendra’s Boutique is the fact that this brand provides more versatile options. Customers get to choose from different categories when it comes to bundle deals, which refers to the number of hair pieces part of the particular bundle deal. These options include:

  • 1 Bundle Deals, starting from only $100 per bundle.
  • 2 Bundle Deals, starting from only $200 per bundle.
  • 3 Bundle Deals, starting from only $270 per bundle.
  • 4 Bundle Deals, starting from only $340 per bundle.
  • 5 Bundle Deals, starting from only $410 per bundle.
  • “The 40-inch Bundle”, starting from only $150 per bundle.

These flexible options allow the customer to decide how many hairpieces they would require for a complete weave installation, and then purchase a bundle that comes with the number of hair pieces they need for the perfect installation. Once the customer has determined how many hairpieces they will need in order to cover their entire head, they can choose between a variety of options to customize their order.

Customers can choose the length of each hairpiece that comes bundled with the deal they are buying. The length options available to customers vary from 14 inches all the way up to 30 inches. Additionally, the customer can also choose the wave pattern they prefer the hair to feature. There are different wave pattern options available, including:

  • Brazilian Body Wave, also commonly called the Loose Wave
  • Brazilian Deep Wave
  • Brazilian Natural Straight
  • Brazilian Exotic Deep Curly
  • Brazilian Loose Curly

The customer can also choose between a range of pre-defined colors, or take advantage of the custom coloring services offered by Kendra’s Boutique.


Bundle deals can be an excellent way for women to finally be able to afford that perfect weave installation she has desired for such a long time. Kendra's Boutique offers a range of different bundle deals that customers can choose from, ensuring every customer has an option that suits their desires. In this post, we provided a look at the different bundle deals that Kendra's Boutique offers, and how these bundles can help you save money.