Is Indique Hair Really Made From 100% Virgin Human Hair?

Buying weave hair from one store, a hair care product to maintain the weave from another store and then, once again, essential styling items from yet another store is both time-consuming and frustrating. Indique Hair is one of the few brands that offers people who wear weaves with an all-one-solution solution to buying hair, caring for their hair and styling their hair. This means that this brand is a go-to store that people can use to obtain everything they need to have long, voluminous and beautiful hair each and every day. The company is also backed by many positive reviews and it seems like they do manufacture high-quality products that are worth the price. Let’s analyze the products that this brand manufactures and look at how they can make your life easier.

Hair Textures

Since the company started out as a hair supplier and their primary purpose is still to deliver high-quality hair sets to their customers, we should also start by looking at the variety of hair sets that they offer. Indique Hair has three primary textures that can be purchased, including curly, wavy and straight. Each texture has a different appearance and can be used to achieve different hairstyles, so deciding on a particular texture is important – that’s also why Indique Hair has a “shop by look” section that gives the customer access to photos of past buyers, and shows the customer the possibilities of every different texture. In each of their sections, you will find a variety of choices to choose from. For example, their “straight” textured hair sets are available in regular straight versions, as well as in an exclusive “studio bangs” version. Each section also contains various closures that can be purchased alongside the weave hair sets to cover up the customer’s hairline and to improve the appearance of their hair after the extensions have been applied.

Apart from being able to shop by texture, the company also has a variety of hair products available, including clip-in sets, U-Parts, keratin tip hair, closures, frontals, hair that has been wefted by machine and braiding hair.

Indique Hair Care

Instead of only offering a selection of hair extensions, closures and related products, Indique Hair has also launched a range of hair care products that enables the customer to take good care of the hair they purchased. These items have not only been developed to improve the appearance of weave hair and to maintain their natural look, but also to extend their lifespan; thus adding additional value to the customer’s purchase. The company currently has a total of five hair care products available for purchase, which includes:

  • Indique Moisturizing Shampoo – This product contains French Argan Oil and has been formulated to act as a gentle cleanser, while also moisturizing and hydrating hair at the same time. Each bottle is priced at $18.
  • Indique Moisturizing Conditioner – This product should be used after the Indique Moisturizing Shampoo and contains similar ingredients to further add hydration and moisture to hair. The product is priced at $18 per bottle.
  • Indique Dry Shampoo – This product is perfect for when the customer is on-the-go. The shampoo can be used in-between washes and quickly reduces the “oily” appearance of hair. This product is priced at $12 per bottle.
  • Indique French Argan Oil – A unique combination of ingredients that include French Argan Oil among others. The product is more expensive than the other products, priced at $22 per bottle, but offers a deep treatment for dry and frizzy hair.
  • Indique Shine Spray – Finally, the shine spray instantly adds shine to hair and is also the perfect styling product. This product is priced at $15 per bottle.


Shopping for multiple products from different brands is a tedious task, but Indique Hair makes this a much easier task by offering you all of the products you need to have gorgeous hair in one single location. The company offers high-quality hair extensions, as well as styling tools, hair care products and more; all at affordable prices that make it easier to finally achieve that hairstyle you have been dreaming of.