How To Get Free Hair Extensions By Participating In Contests

Weaves and hair extensions can be very expensive, with some brands charging over $500 for a single set of extensions. Many people who dream of wearing a weave to add more length to their natural hair is unable to afford paying so much for a set of weave hair. Fortunately, by doing some research, it is possible to buy weaves at a cheaper price, but this often means the person who is buying the weave will have to settle for a lower quality set of hair, which would most likely wear out and become frizzy a few months after installation.

There is another way to get your hands on a high-quality set of weave hair or hair extensions – by entering into contests. Many people have been able to get all kinds of weaves by winning a contest. The good news is, these contests are usually free to enter and only requires a few steps from the participant to be entered into the draw. Let’s take a look at what you can “win” from these contests and how you can enter into one yourself.

What Can You Win

The opportunities that are available when you enter into contests are virtually endless. There are many brands and even smaller companies that are constantly launching contests as a way of gaining more exposure for your brand – and you can take advantage of these opportunities to get your own set of hair extensions. Depending on where you enter, you might be offered a chance to choose what product you would like to wear or given a particular product as a prize. When you have the chance to choose your prize, then you would be able to choose between the hair texture, style and origin. This may include Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian and Indian hair. You might also be offered the opportunity to choose between straight, loose wave, body wave, curly and other textures that suits your natural hair’s texture, as well as a color that can be combined with your natural hair’s color.

How To Enter

Every company has their own rules and regulations when it comes to entering their contest, but the steps that should be taken are often very similar to each other. With some companies, such as Baby Doll Luxury Hair, you are only required to submit your basic details, such as your name and email address. With some companies, however, you will be required to submit your participation in other ways. For example, Hair Critics have a competition that does not require the customer to submit any details, but rather ask the customer to perform a few tasks to enter. In this case, the customer is asked to follow the company’s profile on Instagram and to like their page on Facebook. In addition to these steps, the company also asks the participant to go to a particular post on their Instagram profile and to tag a total of three of their Instagram friends on the specific post. Once these steps have been completed, the person who has completed the steps are officially entered into the contest and will be notified either via Facebook or Instagram if they are one of the winners.


Weaves are very convenient accessories to a person’s sense of fashion, but they can be quite expensive and sometimes cost more than a person’s monthly salary. Buying a lower-quality weave, on the other hand, leads to disappointment as the hair quickly becomes “lifeless”. If you are unable to afford a weave, then you still have the option of This will give you a chance to win a high-quality weave that you can use to add extra length to your hair and create any style you desire.



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