How To Choose The Best Hair Supplier On AliExpress

If you buy a lot of products and services on the internet, there is a good chance you’ve run into some kind of scam or received a disappointing product in the past. While many online sellers have a good reputation among customers and do deliver on their promises, there are those who never are only out there to make money and have absolutely no regard ti product quality or customer satisfaction. The key to avoiding traps and scams when you shop online is to find suppliers, brands and stores that consider the customer’s satisfaction their top priority. AliExpress, an online marketplace where you can find virtually any kind of product, has quite the reputation for disappointing customers. However, there are some vendors on this marketplace who, unlike others, deliver on their promises and always put the customer first. We decided to take a look at the different stores on this marketplace and to help you find the best AliExpress hair suppliers – so that you can buy with confidence and without a fear of falling into an internet scam.

#1. Rosa Beauty

Rosa Beauty is one of the few stores on AliExpress with mostly five-star ratings. The seller has a 95.6% positive feedback rating and a feedback score of 24,432. Customers seem to be very happy with the items they received from this store, the level of communication and the speed at which items are delivered to the buyer after placing an order. Rosa Beauty also offers the customer a full refund if the order is not delivered or if the customer finds that the product is not as the company described it.

Rosa Beauty has a variety of hair extensions and weaves available, with their most popular hair type being Brazilian. The different styles they offer include body wave, deep wave, kinky straight, kinky curly, loose wave and straight. Their prices highly depend on the type of hair that is purchased. The company’s top-rated product is a bundled Brazilian body wave hair set, priced between $111.46 and $343.03, depending on the customization options selected.

#2. New Star

new starAnother trusted seller of weaves and hair extensions on AiExpress is New Star. The seller has an excellent track record and has been operating for over six years now. They have a 96.1% positive feedback rate and a feedback score of 30,230 on the platform. New Star also offers a refund if the customer is not satisfied with their product or if the product does not match the original description.

New Star has quite a large variety of products in stock. Their most popular product is their Deep Wave bundle that contains three or more sets of Brazilian virgin hair. The pricing for this product ranges from $18.92 to $42.08 per piece. The seller also offers other hair types, textures and styles in their store that is hosted at AliExpress.


ruiyuFinally, we advise any person who is interested in buying weaves or extensions on AliExpress to also take RUIYI into consideration. This store has an outstanding 97.5% positive feedback rating, which is quite rare for sellers on this platform. They also have a feedback score of 13,621, and they have been operating on AliExpress for the last four years. The seller accepts a variety of payment methods and will provide the buyer with a refund if the product does not match its description after delivery.

RUIYU’s most popular product is the Mink straight Brazilian hair weave. The product comes in a bundle of three sets and is priced between $21.15 and $127.98 – again, depending on the specifications and customizations that the buyer chooses. The store also sells Peruvian and Malaysian hair.


Many stores that sell items on AliExpress do not put the customer first, and this have led to negative reviews being posted all over the internet. These reviews are mostly aimed at AliExpress directly. Some suppliers on this marketplace, however, are still trustworthy. We’ve listed three of the best AliExpress hair suppliers so that you can make a better decision the next time you are looking for affordable extensions and weaves on this global marketplace.


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