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How To Achieve The Perfect Weave Ponytail

While weaves have been popular for many years now, the weave industry saw a huge increase in growth over the past few years. The Caribbean Current reports that this niche is now a multi-billion dollar industry, and it still continues to grow. Weaves are now worn by thousands of men and women, and buyers to achieve an extensive variety of hairstyles without having naturally long or voluminous hair.

There are some styles that are exceptionally popular among weave wearers, such as a set of ombre curls, a big wavy style, a casual long hair style and then, of course, a ponytail. While some people don’t like ponytails, this hairstyle offer massive versatility, and it can be dressed up or down according to the occasion.

Achieving The Perfect Weave Ponytail Hairstyle

ponytail extensionsTo achieve the perfect weave ponytail, a few items will be required. Black Women Beauty Central explains that the perfect ponytail can be achieved with a light-hold gel or your preferred styling product, hair elastics, some hair pins – preferably the invisible ones – and, of course, some weave hair. The first step would be to actually install the weave, and after that, the steps are relatively simple and quick. This is how you achieve the perfect weave ponytail:

Start by washing your hair, as well as your weave hair. For best results, you should also apply some conditioner to your hair and leave it in for a few minutes before rinsing your hair. After you have washed and conditioned your hair, follow with a blow dry. XO Jane recommends using a hooded hair dryer for best results and to avoid putting direct heat on your hair.

After drying, gather all of your hair into one section with a wide tooth comb. You should gather the hair in the spot where you want your ponytail to be positioned in.

Now add some gel or whichever styling product you wish to use on your hair. You should use the styling product to get your hair into the shape and position you desire.

Finally, use an elastic hair band to secure your ponytail into position. You can also make use of hair pins for added support.

If you want to go for a drawstring weave ponytail, you should start by creating a bun, then attach your ponytail to the base of the bun.

In addition to the steps mentioned above, Carols Daughter also recommends taking the following tips into consideration while trying to achieve a perfect weave ponytail hairstyle:

ponytailThe key to the perfect ponytail all lies within the placement of the ponytail’s base. If you find the perfect place to position the ponytail, then it will look much better compared to randomly placing the ponytail.

You should brush your hair thoroughly before styling it into a pony – regardless of the type of hair you have. This will give your ponytail a much better look.

Don’t forget to use a series of styling products to help the ponytail stay in place. You should also ensure the conditioner you use is safe for use on weaves; a conditioner that is not meant for weaves can end up drying your weave out and shortening its lifespan.


Ponytails are a go to hair style that can save you on late mornings, carry you through trips to the gym, and shower you in glamour in special events; it all depends on the style and position you choose for your ponytail. Weaves only make that hairstyle more versatile and give your ponytail and voluminous luscious look. Use the tips we’ve shared here to master the art of the perfect ponytail and create a hair style that works for any event and occasion.


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