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Wig Or Weave? Try Her Imports For Great Deals On Both!


When a woman wants to improve her look by boosting her hairstyle, she often turns toward extensions and other hair pieces to help her achieve fuller, longer and more voluminous hair. Not only does these hair pieces offer these benefits, but when a high-quality hair piece is purchased, the woman is also provided a piece of hair that will act as a protective layer for her natural hair; thus protecting her natural hair against external damage, such as the damage dealt to hair by the heat that is emitted from certain styling tools. When it comes to deciding what to purchase, however, women are often faced with a tough decision as to whether they should opt for a wig or a weave.

A Wig Or A Weave

Both a wig and a weave has their own set of characteristics, benefits and potential drawbacks that every woman needs to take into consideration before she makes a final decision. While a wig may work perfectly for one person, a weave might be the better option for another. Thus, careful planning needs to be conducted prior to choosing between these two – a woman needs to know exactly what she wants before she goes out and buy a wig or weave.Her Imports

When it comes to a weave, the hair is installed into the natural hair of the woman. This offers a protective layer and usually does not weight their natural hair down. There is, of course, the downside that removing the weave needs to be installed and removed frequently and repeatedly, since it needs to go through several cleaning processes to ensure mold and other particles does not build up on the weave and cause damage or an unpleasant smell.

A wig is, in its most basic form, multiple sets of weave hair that has been installed onto a piece of material. The piece of material is then fitted on the woman’s head and no complex installation procedures is required afterwards. This has many advantages to offer over the installation of a weave, such as the fact that there is no need to go through time-consuming tasks such as installing hair when the hair is needed and removing the hair once it is no longer needed.

Her Imports Wigs

Kinky curl back_ lacefront wigHer Imports used to specialize in supplying their customers with weaves and certain accessories that are utilized with the installation and styling of weaves. They recently introduced an entire line of new products, however, to expand their offerings and to bring their customers with a more exciting range of products to choose from – we are referring to the wigs collection that was recently added to their catalogue.

Their wigs are available in quite a large variety of styles. The first step to buying a wig from Her Imports works similar to their standard process of buying a weave – the customer first has to decide the hair style they prefer, which might include any of their straight, curly or wavy styles. Once decided, the next page will offer a selection of wigs that can be chosen from.


A wig is often preferred over a set of weaves when multiple hair bundles need to be installed to achieve the desired look, as well as when convenience and ease-of-use are preferred. Her Imports offer a large selection of wigs that have been tailored toward the requirements of every customer. The new wigs collection by Her Imports are not only affordable, but also made from 100% virgin human hair; thus ensuring the hair is of high quality and offers a longer lifespan than many of the wigs that can be found at competing brands.