Her Imports Is More Than Just A Store To Buy Hair From

March 2018 Update: Like many other reviews of Her Imports online, it is getting more and more difficult to recommend Her Imports hair to any of my readers any more. In my opinion, the quality of their hair has gone down as well as their customer service level. They used to be a great company to purchase hair from but as of today I would caution any of my readers before purchasing. They are also priced on the higher end, and you can get much better quality hair for cheaper for companies like Mayvenn.  Mayvenn has always been a top recommendation of mine and I really do love their hair because it looks great, lasts long, and it more affordable than Her Imports. You can see pictures of the hair I purchased from there here.

Convenience and a magnitude of possibilities. That’s what people get when they choose to opt for weaves. Weaves and even simple hair extensions can instantly add more length to your hair and instantly up the amount of volume that your hair has – two elements that are excellent additions for achieving a variety of hairstyles with little input from your side. Her Import is one of the top choices when it comes to buying hair – not only on the internet, but also at local locations as the company has expanded to over 10 countries and is now the proud owner of 34 branded stores. Let’s take a look at why Her Imports are so popular among people who wear weaves and just how happy they really make their customers.

What Customers are Saing

If you browse the internet to find out what customers think of the products they have purchased from Her Imports, then you will find some negative reviews, but it does seem like the majority of customers are actually happy with the hair they have purchased. One problem we did detect was the fact that it seems like the hair that is sold in physical locations (branded Her Imports stores) are sometimes not as good as the hair that is purchased online. Whether the company uses a different process or manufacturing facility while producing hair for their physical stores is not clear. There is one store, however, in California that seems to offer exceptional customer experience and high-quality products as the majority of customers that have left a review on the store’s Yelp page are happy with the service and products they received while buying at the store.

What Her Imports Offers

Firstly, it is important to note that Her Imports only specializes in Brazilian hair. They do not stock any Indian, Peruvian or Malaysian extensions. Thus, if you are not satisfied with the appearance of Brazilian hair, then Her Imports is not for you. If you are, however, then this company offers a wide variety of options to choose from so that you can achieve almost any kind of look by simply adding some extensions to your natural hair.

The most popular products from Her Imports seems to be their range of discount virgin hair. These are cheap hair extensions and weave hair that still provides a natural look. With proper care, these extensions can also last for a couple of months. Their discount virgin hair ranges from $50 for a 12-inch extension to $70 for a 26-inch extension.

Her Imports also offer premium virgin hair extensions, which are obviously made from much better hair and also lasts considerably longer than their range of discount virgin hair. The premium virgin hair extensions range from $104.50 for a 12-inch piece to $203.50 for a 40-inch piece. In addition, the customer is able to add a closure to their order, ranging from $137.50 for a 12-inch closure to $203.50 for a 16-inch closure.

This company recently launched a new range of hair care products that can be purchased alongside their hair extensions. The hair care products include a shampoo, conditioner, healing oil and a dry wash shampoo.


The weave industry is thriving and thousands of brands promise to offer the customer premium-quality hair, but only a handful truly delivers on the promises they make. Her Imports seem to be one of the few brands that actually takes quality seriously and ensures every single customer is happy with the hair they have purchased. The company is not the most affordable store to buy weave hair from, but they surely offer high-quality weaves that will last for at least one year.

Edit: Please see my note at the top. I can't recommend this company any longer.