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Peruvian Hair At Her Imports From Under $125 Per Bundle

Any woman who has worn a weave or who are currently wearing a weave can attest to the fact that choosing the origin of a weave is one of the most important decisions there is to make before even thinking about buying a weave. The origin of a weave determines how well it will blend with a woman’s natural hair. While certain origins are able to blend with most types of natural hair, others will only blend with certain hair types; thus choosing the right origin for your hair is very important if you wish to achieve a natural look after your weave has been installed.

Peruvian hair has long been a favorite amongst women, featuring a variety of benefits that women can take advantage of to ensure their weave installation seems natural and looks great. Peruvian hair is easily maintained and only requires a minimal amount of care to ensure the hair stays healthy and does not wear out too quickly. This type of hair is suitable for most natural hair texture and also comes in many different options, with the most popular option being a wavy texture – a perfect option for women who wishes to have curly, yet free-flowing hair without opting for the curly weaves that feature coil-like curls.

Her Imports Peruvian Body Wave Hair

Her Imports is a recognized brand – not only amongst the average consumer looking to buy a weave, but also amongst top hair stylists who wishes to provide their customers with the highest quality weaves at the best prices. This brand has been in business for several years and they have hundreds of positive reviews on different platforms on the internet to support their professional and friendly customer service, as well as the quality of their products.

Peruvian body waveA popular type of weave offered by Her Imports is their Peruvian body wave hair. These weaves are made from real, unprocessed Peruvian hair and can be used by most women, regardless of their natural hair type. The hair features a thick and wavy style that will not only add extra length to a woman’s natural hair instantly, but also help a woman achieve a fuller look with more body and volume.

The Peruvian body wave hair bundles from Her Imports are available in different lengths, ranging from smaller weaves that measures 12 inches in length, up to 32-inch weaves. A 12-inch weave will cost a customer $121. An upgrade to a 32-inch weave will cost a customer $213.

While shopping for a Peruvian body wave hair bundle, a customer is also presented with additional items they can add to their cart at the same time. These items are able to help the customer make the most out of their weave installation. The first add-ons include a series of closures and frontals, which are hair pieces that can be added following the installation of the weave. Customers can also add certain hair care products to their order on this page, such as the brand’s own Wash and Co-Wash bundle.


Peruvian hair is an excellent choice if you are looking for a weave that will not only blend in well with your natural hair, but also offer you durability and flexibility. The Peruvian body wave weave option from Her Imports gives you access to affordable weaves, starting at under $125 per bundle of hair. All of these bundles are made from unprocessed human hair and can be accompanied by a hair piece, such as a closure or a frontal, which will help you gain that “finishing touch” to make sure your weave looks perfect.