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My Hair From Her Imports Offers Premium Indian Temple Hair At Affordable Prices


While some women are always looking for the cheapest option when they would like to buy a weave or a wig, others are rather considering the purchase of such a hairpiece an investment; thus spending more money on such a product to ensure their weave or wig lasts for longer and gives them better value for their money. When it comes to quality of a weave, it is important to first do some research on a brand and a particular product before proceeding with the purchase of the product – higher quality weaves tend to cost considerably more than a standard or discounted weave.

hair bundlesMany brands that sell weaves have introduced their customers to product ranges that are proclaimed to be premium and made from the finest quality of hair, but not all of these products are truly made with quality in mind. In fact, some brands would spend more time and effort on the promotion of such a product line than they would on ensuring the weaves are actually the best quality their customers can buy.

Her Imports My Hair

With the fact that many brands are falsely promoting premium hair collections to the general public, charging high prices, yet delivering poor quality products, women are becoming fearsome of buying hair products – especially on the internet. By buying from a trusted brand that is used by thousands of women and trusted by many hair stylists, women can have peace of mind that they gain access to some of the best quality products on the market.

indian temple hairHer Imports is one of these trusted brands that give customers access to high quality premium weaves at affordable prices. Their My Hair collection is the pride amongst their collection of products, offering weaves and wigs that have been produced with Indian hair, collected from the Tirupathi temples. The weaves are then wefted carefully to ensure they are of high-quality and will last a long time without shedding.

The My Hair collection of weaves from Her Imports are not processed with any type of chemicals; thus maintaining the natural state of the hair. Her Imports also does not use any silicone on their My Hair weaves and wigs. This ensures the customer who buys these products can use the hair in its natural state, and can process the hair according to their preferences – whether it is to bleach the hair, chemically straighten the hair or color it to match their natural hair.

The prices of these weaves are higher than the rest of the weaves offered by Her Imports, but they tend to last much longer than the other, look better than any other weave and they can be styled without causing excessive damage to the hair; thus preserving their natural appearance for a longer period of time.

A 12-inch My Hair weave will cost a customer $133. The length of such a weave can be upgraded according to the customer’s requirements, ranging up to 30 inches, which costs $253 per bundle of hair.


In conclusion, if you are looking for some of the best quality hair the average consumer can currently find on the market without having to pay thousands of dollars for a full head installation, then the My Hair collection by Her Imports might be your best option. This collection of hair is made from specially selected Indian Temple hair and offers a lifespan of more than two years when cared for appropriately. These weaves are more expensive than the other products offered by Her Imports, but offers much better quality and value for your money in the long run.