Should You Buy A Lace Frontal From Her Imports?


A set of three or four hair bundles is often not enough to allow a woman to achieve the perfect look she wants; thus the addition of a frontal or a closure is often required to really help her achieve that look. The decision, however, between choosing a closure or frontal is often difficult. Even though these two hair pieces do have some similarities, they are very different from each other and carefully consideration needs to be practiced in order to choose the right option. A closure is placed on the top of the head, while a frontal is placed at the front part of a head.

Frontals have become a very popular choice amongst the general population that wear weaves for many reasons, such as the fact that these hair pieces allow women to achieve a perfect hairstyle that looks completely natural when the installation is done properly.

Lace Or Silk

silk lace closureAfter choosing between a frontal or closure, a woman is faced with another choice that may just be as hard as the initial decision they had to make – this is the decision they have to make regarding the material type used for the base of the hair piece. The primary choices they can choose from include lace and silk. Both offer a woman the ability to achieve a natural look, but there are some differences that should most definitely be considered before making a final decision.

When choosing lace, the frontal will be lower priced and will contain a base (the part where the hair is sewn in together) that are made of a lace material. These frontals often require some cutting to fit the front part of the woman’s head and, in some cases, may require some bleaching of the hair and additional maintenance before the piece perfectly blends with the woman’s skin and natural hair.

A silk frontal contains, as the name suggests, a base that is made of a silk material instead. Many women find that a silk frontal offers them a more natural “out of the box” look since a minimal amount of effort (if any) is required to make these hair pieces blend with their skin and natural hair. For this reason, silk is sometimes preferred over lace, but the major price difference is what makes most women opt for a lace closure and perform some maintenance to make the piece blend with their natural hair.

Her Imports Lace Frontal

brazilian frontalHer Imports have become quite famous in the weave industry, offering a massive variety of products that does not only include weaves, but also extends to wigs, hair care products, adhesives to assist with the installation of frontals, hair styling tools such as straighteners, and more. The brand offers affordable products and all of their items are of high-quality, made from unprocessed, 100% virgin human hair.

The brand’s lace frontal collection is broad and has been developed to perfectly blend in with the variety of weaves they offer. A customer can purchase a lace frontal during the same process as buying a set of weave hair bundles. While buying weaves, an option will be available at the bottom of the page to add a lace frontal, as well as other products, to the customer’s order; thus saving them time so they do not have to search on a separate page for a frontal that will blend in with the weave they are buying.


Choosing between a frontal and closure can be somewhat difficult, then there is also the choice to make between a lace or silk base material. For many women, choosing a lace frontal is the perfect option as this hair piece allows them to achieve a naturally-looking weave installation without costing them too much money. Her Imports offer a variety of lace frontal options to choose from, each providing a perfect blend with a particular type of weave. Their frontals are also affordable and made with real, unprocessed human hair.