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This Is Why You Should Invest In Her Imports Indian Temple Hair


In the past, weaves and wigs were objects mostly seen amongst celebrities, due to the high price tags that have always been linked to these items. Some celebrities have paid over a hundred thousand dollars to have a special weave made just for them. The average consumer is not able to afford such ridiculous amounts. Fortunately, the hair care and weave industries have grown tremendously over the past few years and have made it possible for the average consumer to now afford the purchase of a weave or wig to help them achieve virtually any look they desire.

Unfortunately, a lot of women who are on a journey to buying their first weave is uneducated about the different terms used to describe weaves, as well as how they can determine which weave is best for them. This often causes them to reach for the cheapest option they can find on the market, thinking they have struck a really good deal – when, in reality, they are simply buying a low quality weave that will only last them a few weeks or a few months.

The Benefits Of Buying Indian Temple Hair From Her Imports

searchingThere are many different options that are presented to a woman when it comes to buying a weave, especially when they take their search to the internet – every store offers hundreds of different weaves, wigs and other hair pieces that the customer choose from. When a customer is faced with too many option, they might choose an option that is ideally suited for them.

When buying weave hair pieces from Her Imports, the process of choosing the most suitable products for a specific customer has been simplified. A customer visits to official Her Imports website and then, instead of being presented hundreds of different weaves to choose from, Her Imports rather provides the customer with a simplified selection of different styles their brand offers.

indian temple hair her importsOne particular style that is becoming very popular is the “MyHair” collection of weaves from this brand. The “MyHair” collection of weaves from Her Imports are made from Indian temple hair, which is often considered the best quality hair to be utilized in the manufacturing of weave hair pieces, wigs, frontals and closures.

Indian temple hair offers the customer a longer lifespan than most other types of weaves, and they can be easily maintained. These weaves are durable and can be styled according to the customer’s liking – they also come in a 100% virgin state, which means the customer is free to dye them, bleach them or use heated styling tools to achieve a particular style they desire.

The pricing for the products listed in the “MyHair” collection is higher than those listed in the standard and discounted weave sections, but the fact that the hair utilized in these products are some of the best quality and offers much great durability makes up for the difference in price. The cheapest option for a weave in the “MyHair” collection is a natural black 12-inch weave hair bundle – this weave costs $187. They do offer their premium range of weaves in lengths up to 30 inches. A 30-inch weave costs $253.


Indian temple hair from Her Imports, which can be obtained by buying weaves that are part of their “My Hair” collection, lasts over two years with adequate care and offers a woman an opportunity to invest her money into something that she will not have to replace soon or worry about the hair falling out, tangling or any other concerns she may have.