Get Up To Five Bundles With No Credit Check Financing From Her Imports


hairstyleConfidence plays a major part in our ability to be productive, to effectively communicate at a social gathering and in the way we feel about ourselves. To uphold high levels of confidence, a lot of effort needs to be exerted into numerous factors of a person’s life – with their physical appearance being one of the most important aspects. For most women, their hair plays an important part in the way they feel about their physical appearance. When they are not happy with the way their hair looks, they are usually also not happy with the way they look.

Unfortunately, for many women, buying a weave or wig to enhance their hairstyle instantly – without having to wait for their natural hair to grow out – is nearly impossible. These items tend to cost quite a lot of money, which means paying for something like this cash is often not possible. For this very reason, many brands that specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of weaves are now starting to offer financing options to make their products available to those who are unable to afford to pay for a full installation upfront.

Financing By Her Imports

hook up programWhile there are numerous brands that offer a financing option today, we would like to particularly focus on the financial platform that has been introduced to the public by Her Imports. This brand offers quite a unique financing option with a minimum down payment, flexible repayment options and the option to buy your weaves without having to pay any interest on the order’s total.

The financing option by Her Imports, also called the Her Imports Hook Up Program, gives a customer the ability to buy multiple bundles of hair, based on their individual requirements, and allows the customer to pay back the order’s total over a certain period – this period depends on the customer’s budget and the total order amount.

One of the most beneficial features of the Her Imports Hook Up Program is the fact that the brand does not conduct a credit check on the customer prior to allowing them finance. This is beneficial due to the fact that many people are struggling with a poor credit record – even after getting all of your debt up to date, it could still take a considerable amount of time to restore a good credit record.

It is important to note that by utilizing this financing option from Her Imports, a customer will still be required to make a down payment before they will be sent the weaves they have ordered or before they are able to pick up their order from a local Her Imports retailer. The minimum down payment amount, which acts as a deposit for the order, is $60. The specific amount that will be requested depends on how many bundles of hair the customer is ordering.

Furthermore, the Her Imports Hook Up Program has certain restrictions. It does not seem like this option is available to customers who reside in a country other than the United States. The program also only allows for a maximum of five hair bundles to be purchased on finance. These are options that should be considered by the customer. For those who fall within these criteria, the financing program can be a great way to gain access to hair today.


Her Imports offers an exciting opportunity for women to purchase up to five bundles of weave hair at a low price, without having to pay the full order amount upfront. Instead, customers can utilize the brand’s financing program to buy the weaves they need for a full installation and pay their order off over several months, depending on the order total and the customer’s budget.