A Guide To Choosing The Best Glue For Your Frontal

Installing a weave at home has become very easy. Many women are now opting for a DIY installation instead of going to a hair stylist to perform the installation. A stylist often charges hundreds of dollars to install a weave and this does not even include the cost of the hair. The problem, however, is that many brands do not provide all of the tools and accessories that a woman needs to properly install a weave from start to finish. In most cases, a brand would only provide a woman with the hair and she has to buy any additional accessories she requires from another brand or from a beauty supply store – and this can be difficult as no guidance is provided to help her decide what to buy and what to avoid.

The Importance Of Frontal Glue

natural remy wavy hair brownThere are many different accessories that are needed for a full weave installation, but in this article, we want to focus on one particular accessory that is required for the installation of a frontal. We are referring to frontal glue, a special type of glue that is needed to install a frontal. Unfortunately, a lot of women tends to opt for a random type of glue when installing a frontal at home, but this is often a bad idea as an inappropriate glue can cause damage to their skin, lead to a sensitive reaction and more.

Frontal glue is used to apply a frontal, as the name suggests. After a weave has been fully installed, the final step is to install a closure or a frontal, depending on the look the woman is aiming for. A frontal is an especially useful and popular choice due to the benefits that this piece of hair often provides over the use of a closure.

During the installation of a frontal, glue needs to be used to ensure the frontal stays in place. When the right type of glue is used, the skin will remain unharmed and the removal of the frontal piece will be very easy. Unfortunately, when the wrong type of glue is used, it often leaves the skin feeling irritated and excessively dry.

Her Imports Frontal Glue

ClingAs part of their range of accessories and hair care items, Her Imports offer one of the safest and most effective frontal glues on the market. The adhesive frontal glue produced by Her Imports is called “Cling”, which describes the fact that the glue “clings” a frontal to the weave installation of a user.

Her Imports Cling is very easy to use. The product has been developed to ensure the user’s skin will not be irritated or damaged in any ways, and to ensure the glue does not cause excessive damage during removal. Once the user would like to remove their frontal, they can utilize another product, also produced by Her Imports, called Un-Cling. Un-Cling contains a formula that is based on coconut oil and quickly dissolves the Cling glue to ensure the frontal can be removed easily without the risk of causing damage to the underlying skin where the frontal was installed or where the Cling glue was initially applied.


When choosing frontal glue, it is essential to opt for a glue that is not too harsh on the skin and that will not dry the skin out. It is also important to consider how easy it would be to remove the frontal once the glue has been applied. Her Imports Frontal Glue offers a safe, yet highly effective adhesive glue that can easily be removed by a coconut oil based product, also offered by Her Imports.