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Kinky, Spring Or Tight? Her Imports Offers A Curly Weave For Every Woman


When a woman decides she would like to buy a weave to improve her appearance, one of the very first decisions she will be faced with is the type of weave she needs. In most cases, a woman will choose a weave that best matches her own natural hair’s texture. This will improve the weave installation’s appearance and will also help to ensure the weave can blend with her natural hair. The primary types of textures that are available on the market include straight, curly and wavy – but most brands have started to divide these textures up into more specific texture types. This is because, even when a woman has curly hair, it does not mean all women with curly hair has the same hair.

her import tight curlWhen it comes to buying curly hair, quality should be a priority for the customer. A low quality curly weave will not look good and will most likely not blend with their natural hair the way they want it to. A low quality weave will also require more maintenance and will ultimately start to wear out rather quickly after the first installation. By opting for a weave from Her Imports, customers are able to gain access to a wide variety of curly hair bundles that are made from real, high-quality human hair – all at affordable prices that will suit their budget.

Her Imports Curly Hair

Buying curly hair at Her Imports is not only a breeze, but also a way for women to gain access to weaves, closures and frontals that are affordable and of high quality. With quality being a primary concern, many women find that Her Imports offers an excellent choice when looking to buy hair that will last them a long time, while also being durable, at an affordable price.

Her Imports offer three different types of curly hair weaves and hair pieces. These include:

  • her importTight Curl, a type of curly weave that features a more luxurious look with hair that features thicker cuticles; thus offering a fuller look after installation. The tight curl option from Her Imports are durable and can withstand most styling products and tools.
  • Spring Curl, the perfect choice for those looking for the most natural look possible. The spring curl offers additional bounce and the hair is also soft. These weaves can be blown out according to the customer’s requirements without risking damage.
  • Kinky Curl, the perfect choice for those who are planning to color and straighten their weaves. The tight curl weaves are soft and, as Her Imports describes them, “fluffy”.

The prices of curly weaves from Her Imports depends on the particular requirements of the customer. Some weaves can be purchased in both a premium and discount option. The premium option contains better quality hair, but is obviously more expensive than the discount option. A premium kinky curl weave, for example, costs anything from $121 for a 12-inch weave up to $165 for a 22-inch weave. Lace closures and frontals can also be added in the same style as the weave to provide a better post-installation appearance.


Curly hair is a popular choice amongst women when buying weaves. The style offers both sophistication and playfulness; thus offering the perfect way for women to achieve hairstyles that are perfect for both work time and a night out. Her Imports offer three different types of curly hair, each providing the perfect match for a particular group of women. Their curly hair weaves are made from real 100% virgin human hair and are not processed in any way prior to being shipped to the customer.