Should You Buy Your Brazilian Hair Bundles From Her Imports


Women are often faced with a considerable amount of choices while trying to buy a weave. While a woman who has worn a weave for some time will be able to easily determine which weave will be best for them, someone who is new to weaves may not know what to opt for. Most women consider choosing the origin of the weave they would like to buy as the first step, which is important as the origin of the hair used in the weave they would like to buy will not only determine how well their weave will fit with their natural hair, but will also determine the additional options that will be available to them.

Brazilain body waveBrazilian hair has numerous benefits to offer over some of the other hair origins that can be chosen while shopping for a weave. According to Her Hair Company, Brazilian hair features a thick texture and can be purchased in a variety of styles, such as straight and wavy. This hair type is also able to provide the customer with a relatively long lifespan, making it worthy buying since the customer would not have to worry about replacing their weave for a significant amount of time.

The Benefits Of Buying Your Brazilian Hair Bundles From Her Imports

Even though the origin of hair used in a weave is considered most important, customers also need to take the company they are buying from seriously. When opting for a random company with no track record, a customer may be provided low quality hair or even synthetic hair, but billed as if the hair was of high quality and in its virgin state.

Her Imports LogoHer Imports is popular amongst both consumers and stylists due to the fact that the company proofs over-and-over that they are a reliable source of real human hair extensions and weaves. Her Imports offers a variety of Brazilian hair bundles to choose from. The customer can opt to buy these bundles on the internet, from the official Her Imports website, or visit one of their many stores to pick up their products without having to wait for shipping.

Her Imports offer their Brazilian weaves in two excellent styles, including body wave and deep wave. Each of these styles has characteristics that makes it perfect for a different group of women. The deep wave option offers a combination of the tight curl option and the traditional body wave option from Her Imports, while the body wave offers a soft and luxurious semi-curly look.

Her Imports guarantees that the weaves purchased from them will not tangle and become unmanageable. With proper care, they also claim that shedding will be very minimal and that the weave may last for as long as 24 months. Caring for such a weave to ensure it lasts a maximum amount of time takes very little effort and usually only requires a weekly wash and condition, which can sometimes be exchanged for a co-wash.


The origin of the hair purchased for a weave installation does not only determine the options that will become available to a woman, but also affects how natural the weave will look after it has been installed. Brazilian hair is soft, luxurious and is able to blend with most hair types; thus offering a natural look. Buying Brazilian hair bundles from Her Imports means you are getting real human hair that is unprocessed and in their virgin state; thus opening up numerous opportunities for you to experiment with bleaching, colors and styling tools without causing the hair to break down quickly.