Diamond Virgin Hair – The Good & Bad

INSIDER UPDATE: Honestly, don’t waste your money on this company. I would recommend you read our review of Mayvenn hair first. Much, much better quality and they always offer discounts.

Whether you are a stylist or simply a regular consumer that enjoys the versatility that weaves and hair extensions can offer you, if you’ve been in this industry for some time, then you’ve surely heard the name “Diamond Virgin Hair” before. Diamond Virgin Hair is quite popular among people that use weaves. The company offers an extensive range of products to ensure they meet the demands and style requirements of every single customer. Unfortunately, buying from this company can be rather difficult as there are an equal amount of positive and negative reviews circulating the internet; thus making it hard to determine whether the company really is worth buying from.

Variety Of Styles

A concern that many people have when it comes to buying weave hair is the fact that a lot of brands have a limited amount of options available. For instance, most brands only sell straight, wavy and curly hair; without any options in-between these. Diamond Virgin Hair, on the other hand, has a much larger variety of textures to choose from. Even though straight, wavy and curly still seems to be fan favorites, the company also has a big wave option, as well as a wavy and curly option that combines these two styles to achieve a unique, creative and sophisticated appearance.

Hair Bundles

Apart from offering numerous individual sets of weave hair, Diamond Virgin Hair has bundle deals that offer multiple individual sets, but at a price that is lower than it would cost you should you decide to purchase each of the individual sets separately. The company only has two main options when it comes to buying hair bundles, which include their Mink Brazilian Bundles and their Peruvian Hair Bundles. Both of these options have numerous customizations that can be made to tailor the order towards the particular customer’s needs.


The pricing for weave hair and extensions from Diamond Virgin Hair varies depending on whether the customer buys the hair sets separately or as a bundle. The bundle hair deals that the company offers obviously works out cheaper than buying separately, but, in some cases, individual sets are the preferred option – so it is important to consider the pricing structure for both options.

The hair bundles offered by the company ranges from $225 to $475. A bundle that includes a 12-inch, 14-inch and 16-inch hair set costs $225. Changing the texture of the hair that should be delivered does not have any effect on the price. A set of four hair pieces, ranging from 22 inches to 28 inches, costs $475. From time-to-time, the company also has some discount bundles on sale, but these discounts change all the time and there aren’t always discounted bundles in stock.

When it comes to buying hair pieces separately, the prices range from around $85 up to $185 per piece, with lace frontals being the most expensive products they stock at the moment. They do have cheaper closures available, ranging from $115 to $135, but it seems like these are not as popular as the lace frontals. All of their regular hair extensions ranges from $85 to $155 depending on the length of the hair piece.


If you’re looking to buy hair online, then you should give Diamond Virgin Hair some consideration. Even though the company has some negative reviews behind them, they do go the extra mile to ensure they deliver high-quality products. They also have numerous video reviews where customers show off their new hair in style. The company is not expensive at all and they have quite a large variety of options available to choose from.

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