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Bring Your Weave Back To Life With A Co Wash

Wear your weave with confidence, altering its appearance in many ways to compliment your outfit and style every day. If you regularly style your weave, then you most likely apply a variety of products on it as well, including mouse, hairsprays, gel, heat protectors and more. While styling, you may also use a hot iron, curler and blow dryer to accomplish your hairstyles. All of these factors can make your weave look less natural and take the life out of it. Learning how to co wash hair can offer you a considerable amount of benefits as co washing your weave hair can easily bring back the “life” to your weave hair and restore its natural appearance.

How To Co Wash Hair

wash hairIn this guide, we’ll explain the most appropriate steps for co washing your weave hair. This is an important step that any person who wears a weave should consider doing as it helps to reduce frizz and tangles, while also restoring shine and moisture to lifeless weave hair. Before we get into the guide on how to co wash hair, there is an important factor that should be considered. Outre Talks explains that if a lot of oil-based products, such as hairspray and gel, is used on weave hair, then a sulfate-free shampoo should be used instead of a co washing process as the conditioner used in co washing can lead to additional product buildup and excess moisture, which will have a further adverse effect on the weave hair.

To get started, you will need a conditioner that is rich in moisture. There are many options available on the internet and in physical stores, but we recommend picking a product from a brand that specializes in weave and extension hair. This will ensure the product only contains compounds that are safe to use on weaves. Some products that have not been specifically manufactured for weaves may contain compounds that weigh weave hair down, which can lead to damage in the end.

Here is our co wash hair guide in a step-by-step, easy-to-follow layout.

  1. The very first step is to wet your weave hair with clean water. Ensure you wet all of the hair, from the connection point to the tips.
  2. After the weave is wet, apply a large amount of your moisturizing conditioner to the hair. Make sure to cover every single hair strand from top to bottom.
  3. Now that you have applied the moisturizing conditioner to your weave hair, you need to comb through your weave hair. Try to use a wide tooth comb for best results. Ensure you comb through all of the hair.
  4. Once you have combed through all of the hair, leave your weave hair for about five minutes so that the moisturizing conditioner can properly do its job and rehydrate your weave hair.
  5. The next step is to rinse the moisturizing conditioner out of the weave hair. This step should be done carefully as you want to rinse all of the conditioner out. Leaving any conditioner behind can lead to product buildup, which is bad news for a weave. Rinse the weave until the water runs completely clear. Touch the weave hair and ensure there is no product left.
  6. The final step is to use a towel to remove any left over water. Do not rub the hair, but rather pat the towel against the hair.  


Dirt and many other particles build up on weave hair and can lead to smells, tangling and a frizzy look. Use the guide we’ve outlined here and you’ll determine the best steps for co washing weave hair, restoring its natural look and reducing the frizzy look that often makes it much more difficult to properly maintain weave hair.

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