Best Websites Where You Can Buy Weaves From

It is a known fact that turning towards the internet to find products or services related to any niche or industry immediately expands the number of possibilities and opportunities that are available. Walking into a local salon in your town to buy weave hair from would provide you with a limited selection of hair types, colors and textures. Logging on to the internet and searching for weave hair online, however, gives you the ability to find virtually any kind of weave hair or extensions you want to buy – whether you are looking for something to add more volume or length to your natural hair. Buying hair on the internet has also become rather easy, especially thanks to the secure payment gateways that have been installed and the verification processed that a lot of companies have to go through when listing their products on some websites, such as Amazon and AliExpress.

The large number of options that are available when looking to buy weave hair online also makes it more difficult to know which website to trust and buy from, and which websites should be completely avoided to prevent a person from falling victim to the many scams that are being pulled in the weave and hair industry. If you land on and buy from a random website, you might be promised real, unprocessed Brazilian hair, but when the product arrives at your door, you notice that you were sent a batch of synthetic hair or even chemically processed human hair. To help you know where to buy from and what sites to avoid, we’ve compiled a list of top websites that offer real human hair extensions – based on the trustworthiness the websites have gained from user reviews.

Hair Factory

Hair Factory’s website is home to a large selection of weaves, wigs and hair extensions. The company stocks different styles and types of hair. It seems like their products are even worn by some celebrities. Apart from their normal line of hair extensions, the company also has a series of accessories and hair care products that they stock, which allows the customer to buy their hair, as well as any additional items they may require to care for their hair, at the same online shop. The company and their website have many user reviews on the internet. Their rating on YellowPages is 5.0 (out of 5.0) and they have received thousands of reviews, with an average user rating of 4.2, on their Facebook Business Page.

Her Hair Company

Another potential website to buy hair from on the internet is Her Hair Company’s website. The website has a large selection of different hair products, including Brazilian hair and Brazilian Lace Closures. They also offer 3-piece and 4-piece hair bundles. Their most popular items include their Brazilian Body Wave weave sets and their Brazilian Curly weave sets. Most of the products listed on their website have positive reviews attached to them and the reviews seem to be authentic. The company also has an excellent score on BBB.org, with a 92% positive review count.

Online Marketplaces

Apart from websites that directly sell weave hair, there are also numerous marketplaces where sellers offer weaves, hair extensions and similar products at affordable prices. Many of these marketplaces perform extensive checks on each seller before accepting them. They also have review systems in place that allows a potential customer to quickly find out about the experience other customers have had while buying from the particular seller. Amazon.com, eBay.com and AliExpress.com are three excellent examples of marketplaces where hair extensions are among the most popular products.


Buying hair extensions and weave hair on the internet is very convenient and makes your purchase much more discreet, but also puts you at a risk of being scammed. The websites we have listed here should be used as a starting point as they are all backed by many positive reviews from existing customers, and it seems like they truly deliver on their promises.

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