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How To Buy The Perfect Hair Topper

curly long hairThe hair industry has seen a significant amount of growth lately. At one point, there was a very limited selection of products that the general public was able to choose from when it came to improving their hairstyle through the use of hair pieces, but today, you have quite a large variety of products that you can select from. If you have browsed hair pieces lately, then you should know by now that wigs aren’t the only option anymore. Weave bundles, hair extensions, clip-in extensions and, of course, hair toppers, are all becoming more popular than ever before.

In this post, we want to focus particularly on hair toppers. These hair pieces are becoming very popular. Even though they are most often recommended to patients who suffer from conditions such as alopecia, or to those individuals who are suffering hair loss due to cancer treatment, hair toppers are also a popular item among individuals who require additional body in their hair, as well as those who wish to even out the top parts of their hair after installing hair extension.

Buying The Best Hair Toppers


womans long blonde wavy hairWhen buying a hair topper for the first time, the large number of choices there is that you need to select from can be somewhat intimidating. There is no need to worry, however, as the process is actually simpler than you might think. There are some things that you do need to look at in close detail, as buying a hair topper means you are going to blend the hair piece with your natural hair. If you do not buy a hair piece that is going to blend well with your natural hair, then it will most definitely stand out and make the fact that you are wearing a hair topper obvious – which is not the purpose of these items.

First consider the purpose of the hair topper. You might be thinking of buying a hair topper to help hide spots of baldness on your head, or perhaps you have noticed that your hair has started to become very fine. Some people also choose hair toppers for additional styling options. This is the first point that you need to consider.

Once you have decided why you need a hair topper, you will need to decide what type of base you want the hair topper to feature. There are multiple options, and it is vital that you choose the right one. Some of these base-features are appropriate for covering patches on the crown of your head, while others are more suitable for different locations.

blonde hairApart from the above-mentioned factors, there are some additional styling options that you will also need to consider when you are choosing to buy a hair topper. You will first have to decide on the hair type – would you like to opt for synthetic hair, which is often the most affordable option, or rather choose a hair topper made from real human hair. Some brands also offer synthetic hair that can be styled along with your natural hair with heat styling tools – this means you can easily blow dry your hair or style your hair with styling tools without having to worry that you are going to ruin the hair topper.

Finally, consider the length of the hair topper, as well as the color. These should be chosen based on your natural hair’s length and color, in order to ensure the hair topper is able to blend in well.


Hair toppers are generally a preferred choice amongst people who suffer from hair loss, but has additional purposes to serve as well. Individuals with thinning hair, for example, find great benefit from the use of a hair topper instead of some alternative options – the price is often lower, and the installation process is easy. In this post, we provided a basic overview of how you can buy the perfect hair topper for you.