How To Get Free Hair Extensions By Participating In Contests

Weaves and hair extensions can be very expensive, with some brands charging over $500 for a single set of extensions. Many people who dream of wearing a weave to add more length to their natural hair is unable to afford paying so much for a set of weave hair. Fortunately, by doing some research, it is possible to buy weaves at a cheaper price, but this often means the person who is buying the weave will have to settle for a lower quality set of hair, which would most likely wear out and become frizzy a few months after installation.

There is another way to get your hands on a high-quality set of weave hair or hair extensions – by entering into contests. Many people have been able to get all kinds of weaves by winning a contest. The good news is, these contests are usually free to enter and only requires a few steps from the participant to be entered into the draw. Let’s take a look at what you can “win” from these contests and how you can enter into one yourself.

What Can You Win

The opportunities that are available when you enter into contests are virtually endless. There are many brands and even smaller companies that are constantly launching contests as a way of gaining more exposure for your brand – and you can take advantage of these opportunities to get your own set of hair extensions. Depending on where you enter, you might be offered a chance to choose what product you would like to wear or given a particular product as a prize. When you have the chance to choose your prize, then you would be able to choose between the hair texture, style and origin. This may include Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian and Indian hair. You might also be offered the opportunity to choose between straight, loose wave, body wave, curly and other textures that suits your natural hair’s texture, as well as a color that can be combined with your natural hair’s color.

How To Enter

Every company has their own rules and regulations when it comes to entering their contest, but the steps that should be taken are often very similar to each other. With some companies, such as Baby Doll Luxury Hair, you are only required to submit your basic details, such as your name and email address. With some companies, however, you will be required to submit your participation in other ways. For example, Hair Critics have a competition that does not require the customer to submit any details, but rather ask the customer to perform a few tasks to enter. In this case, the customer is asked to follow the company’s profile on Instagram and to like their page on Facebook. In addition to these steps, the company also asks the participant to go to a particular post on their Instagram profile and to tag a total of three of their Instagram friends on the specific post. Once these steps have been completed, the person who has completed the steps are officially entered into the contest and will be notified either via Facebook or Instagram if they are one of the winners.


Weaves are very convenient accessories to a person’s sense of fashion, but they can be quite expensive and sometimes cost more than a person’s monthly salary. Buying a lower-quality weave, on the other hand, leads to disappointment as the hair quickly becomes “lifeless”. If you are unable to afford a weave, then you still have the option of This will give you a chance to win a high-quality weave that you can use to add extra length to your hair and create any style you desire.



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How To Achieve The Perfect Weave Ponytail

While weaves have been popular for many years now, the weave industry saw a huge increase in growth over the past few years. The Caribbean Current reports that this niche is now a multi-billion dollar industry, and it still continues to grow. Weaves are now worn by thousands of men and women, and buyers to achieve an extensive variety of hairstyles without having naturally long or voluminous hair.

There are some styles that are exceptionally popular among weave wearers, such as a set of ombre curls, a big wavy style, a casual long hair style and then, of course, a ponytail. While some people don’t like ponytails, this hairstyle offer massive versatility, and it can be dressed up or down according to the occasion.

Achieving The Perfect Weave Ponytail Hairstyle

ponytail extensionsTo achieve the perfect weave ponytail, a few items will be required. Black Women Beauty Central explains that the perfect ponytail can be achieved with a light-hold gel or your preferred styling product, hair elastics, some hair pins – preferably the invisible ones – and, of course, some weave hair. The first step would be to actually install the weave, and after that, the steps are relatively simple and quick. This is how you achieve the perfect weave ponytail:

Start by washing your hair, as well as your weave hair. For best results, you should also apply some conditioner to your hair and leave it in for a few minutes before rinsing your hair. After you have washed and conditioned your hair, follow with a blow dry. XO Jane recommends using a hooded hair dryer for best results and to avoid putting direct heat on your hair.

After drying, gather all of your hair into one section with a wide tooth comb. You should gather the hair in the spot where you want your ponytail to be positioned in.

Now add some gel or whichever styling product you wish to use on your hair. You should use the styling product to get your hair into the shape and position you desire.

Finally, use an elastic hair band to secure your ponytail into position. You can also make use of hair pins for added support.

If you want to go for a drawstring weave ponytail, you should start by creating a bun, then attach your ponytail to the base of the bun.

In addition to the steps mentioned above, Carols Daughter also recommends taking the following tips into consideration while trying to achieve a perfect weave ponytail hairstyle:

ponytailThe key to the perfect ponytail all lies within the placement of the ponytail’s base. If you find the perfect place to position the ponytail, then it will look much better compared to randomly placing the ponytail.

You should brush your hair thoroughly before styling it into a pony – regardless of the type of hair you have. This will give your ponytail a much better look.

Don’t forget to use a series of styling products to help the ponytail stay in place. You should also ensure the conditioner you use is safe for use on weaves; a conditioner that is not meant for weaves can end up drying your weave out and shortening its lifespan.


Ponytails are a go to hair style that can save you on late mornings, carry you through trips to the gym, and shower you in glamour in special events; it all depends on the style and position you choose for your ponytail. Weaves only make that hairstyle more versatile and give your ponytail and voluminous luscious look. Use the tips we’ve shared here to master the art of the perfect ponytail and create a hair style that works for any event and occasion.


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Best Weave Hairs for Every Stylish Lady

Many ladies out there often get indecisive about which weave hair to go for. You see, if you must keep up with the elegant looks that folks love to see, then you’ve got to keep in tune with the coolest weave hair in vogue. I’ve got to let you know there are a couple of cool ones available for you in stores. You can choose from a host of them with different textures, and types that can go well with any texture. But then, I’ve got a recommendation for you.

mayvennI don’t mean to over-exaggerate, but I’m positive the Mayvenn Hair has what it takes to boost a girl’s confidence beyond the norm. You don’t have to worry about self-esteem issues when rocking the Mayvenn Hair. It’s got the wonder-working power that’ll make you have that good feeling about yourself. Don’t get it twisted, not all hair extensions can perform such wonders because they all are not equal. So, if you want to feel better always, here’s your shot!!!

First of all, Mayvenn Hair offers different styles of hair extensions. All you’ve got to do is chose from the loose wave, body wave, deep wave, curly, blonde, straight, and closures. You can have these on for months with no problems. In fact, the company claims its hair extensions are made of original human hair, you can bleach the hair to the maximum of level 10, and it can serve you for at least a year. Now, that’s what I call a weave hair!

By the time you get to explore the Mayvenn Hair, you’re gonna find it’s pretty impressive with its soft and silk strands with a pretty cool appearance that’s of high quality. Its functionality cannot be overemphasized, as it rendered the brand so popular that the company managed to attract $10 million in investment. You wanna know why? The reason is simple. Because they sell. To wrap things up on the Mayvenn hair, I’d say you get great value for your money and trust. Overall, it’s a great catch for those looking for premium hair.

Weave-HairHowever, there is an alternative to the Mayvenn hair. Perhaps you’ve rocked the Mayvenn hair long enough and wanna try out something else, then you’ve got Her Imports hair to do the magic for you. There’s actually been a lot of hype on Her Imports Hair. Folks even wonder if the brand lives up to the hype. Without mincing words, I can boldly say it does. The brand has even been singled out in 2017 as a top pick by stylists. A couple of reasons why Her Imports is much loved are its authenticity, appearance, long life, processing, packaging, maintenance and care, and lots more.

Unlike most companies that use poor quality and make false claims about the origin of their hair just to sell at premium prices, Her Imports is everything legit! The brand’s products are made of 100% authentic human hair. Now, that’s what girls out there want, isn’t it?

And when it comes to its appearance, it’s absolutely beautiful! A unique aura and natural appearance are given by the silky strands. It becomes absolutely impossible for anyone to spot extensions if it’s from Her Imports. All products from the company are stylish, modern and elegant—perfect to leave onlookers awe-inspired on any occasion. So, quit the search for the next weave hair after the Mayvenn. Snag up some good quality hair girl!!!

It’s a cool thing these weave hairs have been made overly affordable for every stylish woman on earth. You ain’t got to beat yourself up to get one. Swap out your current weave and go get one of this upgraded high-quality hairs! Be it The Mayvenn or Her Imports, you’ll definitely be left awe-inspired!!!

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Why Should You Use Virgin Hair Fertilizer?

If you are looking at keeping your scalp all greased up and moisturized to fuel hair growth, you’ve got the best option right here. It’s called the
Virgin Hair Fertilizer. With this, you’ve got the liberty to subject your hair to frequent massages with water. This stimulates blood flow and sure gets those follicles on the go.

Hair growth is part of genetics, though. So, there aren’t magical hair grease that has got the power to resurrect dead follicles. However, I and some of my girls have put the Virgin Hair Fertilizer into work for years now and it has not failed in delivering the purpose for which it was designed. No matter the style, it works just fine! You should give it a try, girl!

massaging-your-scalpBut before you get all wild and excited about it and go grab the Virgin Hair Fertilizer for your hair, you’ve got to get familiar with its format of usage. First, you go for the scalp. Grab a little quantity of the hair cream and massage it into your scalp. Depending on the nature of your hair, you can choose to put it to work daily or weekly. Also, it’s got a smell that’s considered offensive by some folks. But if you ain’t got a problem with its overwhelming peppermint smell, then you can make it a routine to use it daily.

Besides its offensive smell which goes away easily, the Virgin Hair Fertilizer really doesn’t have notable disadvantages. As a matter of fact, the cream has got no issues whatsoever with dandruff or flakes. But it’s got a rich formula that eases wash. So, dry-cleaning is made stress-free by this formula. You could find the cream to be too rich and undeserving of being used on hair alone. After all, a more lightweight oil can do the same job. But you see… if it ain’t the real deal, it ain’t the real deal.

You’re one of those wondering if it’s gonna work. Now, listen up darling! You don’t really need to place much emphasis on the mixed reviews as to whether or not the cream got what it takes to perform wonders with your hair. Folks who are so into the cream have attested to the cream’s functionality on their hair.

In one case, the hair grows nicely. In a case where a sew-in is worn while transitioning, they will have to give it some months. Sweetheart, you may just have to try out this product for yourself. It ain’t a trial and error kinda thing, though. But I would say it’s more of a “try-it-for-yourself-and-see product” because results could vary. That notwithstanding, you’ll be impressed!

All you need do is to go grab one for yourself and give it a try. It ain’t hard to find. Beauty supply stores and online retailers got you covered. In an event that you wanna get it directly from the manufacturer, oh yes, you can.

Concerns about hair growth by many curlies have assumed some sort of disturbing dimension. Curlies keeping natural hair journals have made it evident that this growth is essential to make a girl keep up with the good feeling. Those of them who have done a big chop most likely become exceedingly impatient in the course of getting accustomed to wearing a short style.

Consequently, Virgin Hair Fertilizer excels beyond all the naturals in the midst of a transition. Its popularity is alarming and confirms all that’s been said about this amazing product. Have no fear about its workability. Just grab one of it, give your hair a good massage with it, and watch it perform the magic it is known for.


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Best AliExpress Hairs Every Modern Woman Should Get

Alright, girls! I know you’ve got hundreds of vendors in the virgin hair marketplace to choose from. But you know what? You can go beyond making your choice based on brand name or specialty supplier with high-quality hair at a “high price to match.” It’s a world of economy, and budget cannot be underestimated.

So, if your man kinda hates to run a deficit, do him a favor and go grab a hair that matches his pay. Trust me, girl, I know just where you can find it. An AliExpress hair supplier can give you the best quality hair extensions for as much as you have. I’m gonna name a few hair vendors that offer high-quality hair for a fraction of the cost of the celebrity virgin hair suppliers.

MS LULA HAIR: – Oh yea! Ms. Lula's Hair Company is a wildly popular virgin hair company with tons of 5-star reviews on AliExpress. It’s got a beautiful medium luster and is super silky and soft. It’s got minimal shedding and tangling too, and it handles heat extremely well. It ain’t a smelly kinda hair and it’s got no factory scent or anything like that. Just in case you wanna do some dry-cleaning on the hair, you can go ahead girl! You can do that again and again without having to worry about losing it to wear and tear. It’s a good deal for a good pay! $198 is a pretty good pay for the hair on AliExpress. Go grab yourself a Ms Lula Hair today!

ms lula

BEAUTY FOREVER HAIR: – There is no lady in the world who wouldn’t want to flaunt the celebrity look every now and then. But you know, you’ve got to have a loaded credit card to pull that off consistently. Wait a sec; did I say a loaded credit card? Gosh!!! Listen, girl, you don’t need a loaded credit card when you make “Beauty Forever Hair” your choice. You see, Beauty Forever Hair offers high-quality hair for low prices without the smell, tangling and shedding.

And you will agree with me that most AliExpress hair vendors offer smelly hairs and all that. But not Beauty Forever Hair. The company makes sure to source unprocessed virgin hair at premium quality. It’s got a soft natural feel that subjects it to easy combing and takes heat and dye just fine. Folks consider Beauty Forever one of the best AliExpress hair vendors available.

beauty forever

ROSA BEAUTY HAIR: – If you want to feel queenly all day long, then you better go for the Rosa Beauty Hair which offers buttery soft gorgeous virgin hair. You can easily glide your hands right through like silk. The bouncy and gorgeous hair has got thick bundles with absolutely no “corn chip” smell whatsoever. Almost every girl out there knows the Rosa Hair for its excellence in heat styling and its ability to take curling wands more easily than many other brands. Did I mention that it looks pretty dark and feels really healthy just like the bundles? Plus, it has that really nice fresh scent!

So, who’s ready to invade AliExpress in search of hair from these vendors? I’m afraid you’re gonna have to queue up behind me because I haven’t gotten enough of it yet. C’mon girl! Don’t call me greedy. I’m just taking advantage of these offers while they last. It’s actually gonna last a bit long, though. But who’s got the patience to wait a minute more before grabbing herself one of those? I sure don’t.


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A Step-By-Step Guide To Washing A Sew In Weave

There are numerous types of weaves available on the market and they can be installed in different ways. One popular type of weave that people opt for is sew-ins. This type of weave is sown directly into a person’s natural hair, which creates a more natural look than the majority of other types available. The process of installing these weaves, however, takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Many people worry about having to remove sew-in weaves every time they need to wash their hair, as this would result in hours of uninstalling the hair and then reinstalling the hair after the wash. Washing the weave while it is installed is another option, but many people worry about their own hair as the shampoo and conditioner may not reach their natural hair; thus resulting in the poor maintenance of their natural hair while they are only caring for their weave hair.

In this post, we’d like to discuss the proper way of washing a sew-in weave. This process takes the smallest amount of time and would ensure the person is able to care for both their natural and weave hair at the same time.

How To Wash A Sew In

Let’s jump right to the process of washing both your natural hair and the sew-in weave hair. World Hair Extensions recommend mixing a small amount of water with your shampoo in a bottle, shaking the mixture and then running the shampoo and water combination down every scalp line, as we as in between every braid track. Massage your hair and scalp while pouring the mixture onto your head to ensure the shampoo reaches everywhere. After you have spread the shampoo over your entire head, you should also pour some of the mixture onto your weave hair and gently massage it into the hair. While washing, you should frequently use your fingers to pull through your weave hair to avoid hair from becoming tangles and to ensure all hair are properly cleansed. Finally, use clean water to rinse all the shampoo out of your hair and off your scalp.

washing weave hair

Simply shampooing isn’t enough to care for your hair. Using an effective conditioner will help to ensure hair stays hydrated and moisturized, and will help to prevent hair from drying out. You should use a conditioner that is safe to use on both your natural and weave hair, as some conditioners are only meant to be used on natural hair. It is also recommended to mix some conditioner with a small amount of water, and then to follow a similar process as with the shampooing part. This time, however, you should leave the conditioner in your hair for a couple of minutes before rinsing out.

After you have shampooed and conditioned your hair, make sure you have rinsed out any product leftovers and then use a towel to gently dry your hair. It is recommended to use a micro fiber towel as these towels can absorb the excess water that is left on your hair without causing frizz or tangling.

washing hair

As a final tip, you can also dip your fingers into some olive oil and work it through your hair and scalp. This will help to keep your hair moisturized as olive oil is an effective natural moisturizer that is safe to use for both natural and weave hair.


Washing a sew-in weave may seem like a tedious task and washing it while it is installed might mean your natural hair doesn’t get access to the contents of the shampoo or conditioner you are using. We’ve determined the best approach to washing your sew-in while also cleansing and caring for your natural hair at the same time. Follow the step-by-step guide we’ve prepared here to ensure your hair always looks at its best.



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Smelly Weave? Here’s How To Get Rid Of The Smell

While wearing a weave has a great deal of benefits for the wearer, including the possibility of achieving almost any kind of hairstyle, there are some negative factors that a person need to take into account when they opt for a weave. One of the most awful facts that people experience when they wear weaves is the fact that the hair that is attached to a weave often starts to smell. The smell is sometimes mild and can be hidden easily, but, in some cases, weave hair can expel a repulsive smell that completely outweighs the benefits that the person can gain from wearing the weave hair. Fortunately, there are ways and products to prevent the smells and even to get rid of the smell if it already exists.

My Favorite Product Stack

RemySoft blueMax Daily Refresher & Protective Silicone Serum Set

remysoft bluemax virgin hair extension sprayWhy do I love the RemySoft blueMax product line? Because it just simply works. Not only does it make your hair smell fresh and last longer, but it SPECIFICALLY made for hair extensions. I've been using this product for awhile and would highly recommend it to all of my friends, family, or anyone else who wears virgin hair weaves or extensions. It's fairly cheap too! You can find out more about it directly on here. 


Why Does My Hair Smell?

We should look at why hair smell in the first place before discussing the possible ways to prevent the smell and to get rid of existing smells. Virgin Review explains that sweat, sebum, dirt and product buildup accumulates on weave hair all the time. When the particles that accumulate on the weave are not washed off, it can start to expel an unpleasant smell. This, however, isn’t the worse type of smell that weave hair can expel. When the hair isn’t washed for a considerable amount of time, then bacteria can start to form due to the particulates that have been accumulating over time. This can cause weave hair to expel a musty smell, which is even worse and can be rather difficult to get rid of. The musty smell often develops due to an excessive amount of moisture, as well as product buildup and dandruff.

How To Get Rid Of The Smell?

best hair relaxerThe best option would always be to prevent the smell. The best way to prevent weave hair from smelling starts with your shopping journey – synthetic and low-quality weaves are known to develop smells much faster than higher-quality weaves that are made from real and unprocessed human hair.

If the smell already exists, then you will need to take a few extra steps to get rid of it. Your weave hair will require a proper wash, which should be done with a natural shampoo that has been developed for weave hair specifically. There are many products that you can choose from, but try to choose something that is appropriate for the type of hair your weave is made of. Ensure you wash the weave properly, including in between the strands. You should also use a conditioner on the hair. When you rinse the shampoo and conditioner off your weave hair, ensure you rinse until the water runs clear as you want to avoid further product buildup from occurring. After washing and conditioning, use a hair dryer at its lowest heat setting and dry your weave hair. Even though this is often not recommended, a hair dryer will completely dry the hair and avoid excess moisture from causing a smell again.

Using an anti-bacterial spray that has been developed specifically for weaves is also a good idea. Such a product should be used once per day while a weave smells as it will destroy the bacteria that has formed on the weave hair.  


A weave allows you to easily add more length to your hair and is often used by people whose natural hair does not have enough volume to achieve their desired style. Unfortunately, weaves often start to smell and can quickly take away the confidence that the person gained from the hairstyle they achieved. If your weave is smelling bad, then simply follow the steps we’ve outlined in this post to get rid of the smell and to prevent the smell from returning in the future.



Straighten Your Curly Hair

Take Control Of Your Hair With Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner

Curly hair is often considered to be the most difficult hair to style and control. It can easily get frizzy and it’s always more prone to tangle. A lot of people also find that wearing a curly weave makes things even more difficult. To properly manage curly hair, a lot of expensive products are often required including a good shampoo, conditioner and oil, not to mention styling products that help keep the hair on its best behavior all day. Not everybody can afford buying all these products just to keep their curls looking great. Luckily, there are many products available for both natural hair and weaves that provide a multi-functional solution that helps control curls without breaking the bank.

curly weave hair.Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner is an example of products that offers multiple benefits for curly hair. The product is safe to use on weaves, and it contains numerous ingredients that help in controlling frizz and reducing tangling. While this product may not be the cheapest multi-functional haircare item for people with frizzy hair, it is one of the highest-rated amongst people with naturally curly hair, as well as those who enjoy wearing curly weaves and hair extensions. Since one of the biggest mistakes that people with curly hair do is over styling, as reported by Forbes, this product is also perfect for avoiding some this common mistake and keeping things simple and under control.

The Benefits Of Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner

To better determine how people feel about this product and what they consider to be the best advantages of the product, we looked at numerous customer reviews. According to the reviews left by customers that have already purchased and used this product, the following are the top benefits of Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner:mixed chicks leave in conditioner

  • The product is perfect for controlling frizz, and it quickly helps in reducing frizziness in curly hair.
  • Customers consider this product to be extremely easy to use. This is beneficial as some products come with specific instructions.
  • The product is available in a lightweight liquid and it does not make hair feel heavy.
  • The leave in conditioner is not greasy at all. This is a common problem that people have when they buy leave in conditioners. Greasy products add too much shine and oiliness to hair, and they weigh it down.
  • Unlike many other leave in conditioners, customers actually like the smell of Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner. Many similar products have an unattractive smell.

The Cons Of Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner

Beside the above benefits customers experienced while using the product, where are also some things that customers did not like.

  • A lot of customers consider the product to be somewhat pricey. It is definitely not the most affordable leave in conditioner, but the product does seem to do a good job.
  • Some customers find it inconvenient that the product contains parabens. This, however, does not make the product less effective.

How Much Does The Product Cost?

The price of Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner depends on the size of the container. A 300 milliliter container costs $16.99 on the official website of Mixed Chicks. Buying larger bottles results in a reduced price.  


Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner offers everybody who has curly hair or curly weaves the opportunity to manage their curls without having to buy multiple products. The product is available at numerous retailers, and it acts as both a conditioner, treatment and a styling product. The leave in conditioner is backed by a large number of positive reviews, and people seems to truly enjoy positive results after using it.



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What Are The Benefits To Buying Virgin Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair is one of the most popular hair types among weave shoppers. These weaves are not only affordable in most cases, but they also have characteristics that are considered to be more attractive compared to other options like Indian hair, Malaysian hair and Peruvian hair. Brazilian hair has a shinier appearance than some of the other options available, for example. Manufacturers also produce a wide variety of textures and styles with Brazilian hair. This type of hair is most common among women that reside in West-African countries, and one of the best benefits of using Brazilian hair is the fact that they do not require as much maintenance as some of the other types of hair.

The Benefits Of Virgin Brazilian Hair

brazilian body waveIf you are lucky enough to get your hands on a set of virgin Brazilian hair, then you have acquired hair that can be tailored to almost any style you desire. Virgin Brazilian hair has many advantages for the buyer, and it comes in various styles, textures and colors. Let’s consider some of the most beneficial features of this hair type.

  • Virgin Brazilian hair is usually shipped in its natural state, it is not dyed or treated with any chemicals prior to packaging and shipment. This means that this type of hair is as natural as it gets in the world of weaves.
  • Since Brazilian hair is usually thick and very strong, it also means that these weaves are less likely to shed and that the hair will not break easily.
  • Virgin Brazilian hair is more likely to hold its volume, even after being washed and styled numerous times. Many other types of hair often lose their volume and body after a few washes.
  • This type of hair is often considered to have the most natural look compared to many other types of hair currently available on the market.

How And Where To Buy Virgin Brazilian Hair

virgin brazilian loose waveWith so many companies on the internet scamming people, it can be difficult to buy real virgin Brazilian hair online. Fortunately, there are still a few brands that hold true to their promises and offers real, natural hair that is not processed with chemicals prior to being manufactured and shipped to the customer. Take these tips into consideration when buying virgin Brazilian hair on the internet, and you’re more likely to purchase natural hair that will not disappoint you.

  • Do a lot of research before you make a purchase. This is an essential step. Narrow down the brands and suppliers you are considering, and then enter their run their names in a google search followed by the term “reviews”. Read the reviews that will come up and you’ll be able to determine how reputable the company is among weave buyers over the world. If you find that too many customers find that the company does not live up to its promises, then move on to a different company.
  • Consider the quality and the price of the hair. The term “you get what you pay for” applies here. If you buy from a supplier that promises to give you 100% natural Brazilian hair for $10 or $20, then you should immediately realize that this is a “too good to be true” offer.
  • Lastly, try to buy hair directly from the manufacturer instead of from third-party distributors. Many brands have their own websites, but also offer extensions from third-party sources. In such a case, buy from the brand’s website. This ensures that you can return the product and contact the official support department without having to work through external “middle men”.


Buying hair can be a difficult task, especially when you are a first-time weave buyer. There are so many options available on the market. Making the wrong choice could leave you with a low quality product, so make sure you do your research.



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What’s The Best Shampoo To Use For Hair Extensions

As you wear your weave or hair extensions, dirt and sebum collect on it just like with your natural hair. Product buildup, moisture, dandruff and other particles also collect on the hair. When you do not take proper care of your weave, the hair may become difficult to manage, dirty and oily, and expel an unpleasant smell that would keep everyone away from you. Maintaining a weave, though, lets you wear any hairstyle you want regardless of the condition that your natural hair is in – and without having to worry about the weave being oily or even smelly. In this post, we’ll discuss one of the top choices when it comes to buying a shampoo for your extensions – shampooing is, after all, an essential task that should be done at least on a weekly basis to ensure your weave hair is always clean.

DeMert Wig & Weave System Shampoo

DeMert Wig & Weave System ShampoWe have done extensive review and considered many different shampoos for today’s post. We decided to pick DeMert Wig & Weave System Shampoo as the best shampoo for hair extensions after we have considered its reviews, price and availability. This product seems to be a favorite shampoo used by many people who wear weaves. What makes the DeMert Wig & Weave System Shampoo so valuable is the fact that it can be used on both natural hair and synthetic hair, which means this product is appropriate for any person who wears a wig, weave or hair extensions.

DeMert Wig & Weave System Shampoo can be purchased at Amazon for only $9.49 per bottle. Buying more than one bottles at the same time means the customer pays even less per bottle. For example, a pack of two DeMert Wig & Weave System Shampoos only cost $16.99 (approximately $8.50 per bottle) and a pack of six costs $45.49 (approximately $7.60 per bottle). The shampoo is also available to customers from anywhere in the world and international shipping can be obtained for under $10 in most cases.

The product offers a powerful combination of natural ingredients that provides the customer with the ability to thoroughly cleanse their weave or extensions. The product is also very gentle at the same time and will not cause the hair to lose their color – even after dying. The DeMert Wig & Weave System Shampoo has four primary functions that it offers the user:

  1. To properly clean weave and extension hair and to remove any product buildup, dirt and sebum that may have accumulated on the hair strands.
  2. To deodorize the hair, which means it is perfect for reducing any smells that the hair may expel.
  3. To condition hair so that it stays soft and silky. This is quite unique as many shampoos only focus on cleaning hair and seldom offers additional conditioning features.
  4. Finally, to restore the silky and shiny appearance that people are often after when they buy weaves. Since weaves tend to lose this “natural” look, the DeMert Wig & Weave System Shampoo will help the user maintain the natural look of their weave hair or extension hair.



Washing a weave or hair extensions is essential as it gets rid of any particles, including dust, sweat and moisture, which has built up on the hair. Choosing an appropriate shampoo, however, can be quite a difficult task. After doing extensive research, we’ve determined that DeMert Wig & Weave System Shampoo is an excellent choice and a favorite amongst weave wearers.