Is AliExpress Really the Go-To Marketplace For Buying Hair Online?

AliExpress is probably the most popular Business-2-Consumer marketplace on the world-wide-web. The marketplace receives around 20 million visitors every day and is used by consumers from more than 220 different countries. In the last year, over 60 million consumers also made a purchase at least once on the marketplace. Hair extensions, wigs and weaves are among some of the most popular products that are purchased on AliExpress – with millions of hair pieces being sold every year. AliExpress is not only a go-top shopping portal for weave wearers, but is also a marketplace used by many salons and businesses that operate in the hair industry to stock up on affordable hair pieces that would help them gain more profit per sale.

INSIDER TIP: If your going to buy hair from AliExpress, the key is buying from a vendor that had a good reputation in terms of quality. Here is a list of the virgin hair vendors I like.

Online Reviews of The Vendors

Unfortunately, not everyone’s experience with AliExpress has been positive. For example, on Site Jabber, you’d find almost 2,000 reviews about AliExpress, with only 261 of these reviews being a five-star review and as much as 1,375 (at the time of writing this post) being a mere one-star review. On Reseller Ratings, you’ll find over 680 reviews about AliExpress, but the average rating in only one star and the site only has a 1.00 (out of 10) rating on the platform. This means that most people who buy from stores on this platform are not satisfied with their purchase, and in many cases it seems like the consumer is not given what they are promised.

How To Buy AliExpress Hair

There is some good news, though. Even though most people find that the stores and suppliers on AliExpress are not trustworthy, there are a couple of good reviews. This means that not all of the stores that sell products on this marketplace is bad. The problem is, with thousands of stores listed on the AliExpress platform, how do you identify the ones that are actually trustworthy and avoid making a purchase from one of the many untrustworthy stores.

After doing some investigation and studying reviews left by both satisfied and unsatisfied buyers, we’ve compiled a list of tips that can be used to filter through suppliers that sell hair extensions and weaves. These tips will help you choose sellers that are trustworthy and that will deliver the products they advertise on time.

  • Do not opt for the cheapest store on AliExpress. If a deal seems like it is too good to be true, then it is most likely. Rather spend a few dollars extra to ensure you get a better quality product that will also last longer.
  • Don’t expect to buy real human hair on AliExpress for the same price as synthetic hair. There are many stores on this platform that promotes their hair as “real human hair”, but charges low prices that you would expect to pay for synthetic hair. Be careful as these may either be synthetic hair that has been processed to look more “real” or it may be scraps that were picked up from floors and processed with chemicals (yes, many companies in China do this).
  • Most stores on AliExpress falsely promotes their hair as “Brazilian”, “Peruvian” and “Malaysian”. The truth is, most of these stores use Indian hair that has been chemically processed to look like another hair texture. Be careful when buying and look at the user reviews to find out if anyone has complained about the hair texture.
  • Always consider the seller’s feedback score, positive feedback rating and the reviews that are left on their products. Try to buy from a premium supplier as well as AliExpress performs a verification process on premium suppliers.

INSIDER TIP: If your going to buy hair from AliExpress, the key is buying from a vendor that had a good reputation in terms of quality. Here is a list of the virgin hair vendors I like.


AliExpress has thousands of sellers on their marketplace, but it seems like most of these sellers are scamming people. People complain about not receiving the product they purchased or not receiving any products at all. The few positive reviews, however, proof that there are some sellers that are still trustworthy on this marketplace, but identifying them requires some initial research.

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