A Wet And Wavy Weave Gives You Flexibility And Endless Opportunities

If you have ever started an online weave shopping session before, you know just how many options there are to choose from. The thousands of different choices and the hundreds of different brands out there don’t make choosing the right weave easy. Which brand should you choose, what origin of hair, and what style should you buy? With all these choices to make when weave shopping, you probably wouldn't know where to start. One feature that many eave wearers want, however, is flexibility. There aren’t many types of weaves that offer a lot of versatility out there, but there is one specific type of weave known as the “wet and wavy weave”, which can offer a buyer extensive flexibility that allows for different looks without buying various sets of weave hair.

Types Of Wet And Wavy Weaves

Wet and wavy weaves are a specific style of weaves that can be purchased from numerous retailers – both online and offline. The style, however, comes in a lot of varieties. One important decision that buyers will have to make is choosing the origin of hair they wish to purchase. Since different hair works with different people, it is important to consider that the type of hair you buy should match your natural hair. Latest Hairstyles provides a detailed explanation of the different types of hair that can be purchased. These include:
Peruvian Body WavePeruvian Hair – This type of hair has a multi-purpose texture and is most popular among African American women. It is also compatible with coarse Caucasian hair, as well as relaxed hair. Peruvian hair is lightweight and it looks (and feels) luxurious.
Indian Hair – This type of hair has a thick texture, and it is really compatible with almost any kind of hair. Indian hair is also easy to manage and it is free flowing.


malaysian hair

Malaysian Hair – This type of hair perfectly blends in with relaxed textures, as well as silkier natural hair types. Malaysian hair is also easy to manage and the hair is generally soft to the touch.


Eurasian Hair – This hair type features a mixture between Asian and European descent. It has a smooth and silky texture, and the hair is generally thick. Eurasian hair is perfect for people with relaxed hair.

brazilian straight hair


Brazilian Hair – One of the most popular choices is Brazilian hair. This hair fits in well with the hair of African American women. It has a full and thick texture.


Managing A Wet And Wavy Weave

While a wet and wavy weave offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to styling, it is also important to note that these weaves should be cared for properly to ensure they do not dry out, become unmanageable or break. Perfect Locks provides the following tips to help you manage your wet and wavy weave:
Do not use any chemicals to treat the weave.
To style, simply wash the hair. The hair will then form its own curls.
For a straight look, use a round brush and gently brush through the hair until the waves become straight.
If the weave has tight curls, then a flat iron can be used to straighten the curls into a flat look.


A wet and wavy weave gives you the ability to achieve different looks, including a straight, curly or even a wavy style, without having to buy different weaves for each hairstyle. These weaves can be washed, dried and styled without much difficulty, and if you are able to purchase a high-quality wet and wavy weave, it will last for a long time.

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